Life in the country…

April 6, 2015

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The question is often asked by our visitors –

‘What d’you do with yourself all day long, tucked away here in the middle of nowhere?’

These people (urbanites one and all) see rural life as a punishment, a form of banishment from the bright lights of the city’s sprawl. Living, here, in the midst of rolling moorland equates to a kind of death sentence…As if missing out on those crowds of begging Roma gypsies on Kilburn High Road, or the nose-to-tail traffic jams throughout the city, is a terrible sin! The city’s sights and smells, the down-and-outs sleeping in shopdoorways at night, or the street prostitutes offering a quick handjob for a fiver, are as essential to life as breathing! Or that’s what they’d have you believe.

‘It’s not as bad as all that,’ I hear myself say, weakly.

Toby and Divina, down touring for the weekend, called on us yesterday. We had lunch and rather a lot to drink. Toby asked the question…

‘In London there’s all the nightlife,’ he said. ‘There’s clubs and groups and what-have-you.’

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘Trenye has a chess club which meets in the British Legion every Wednesday evening.’

‘Oh, WOW!’ Toby is obviously not impressed.

‘There are other clubs and things,’ Dee said.

‘Yeah,’ I agreed. ‘There’s the Cornish Kinksters…They organise Deviant Dining Days.’

‘You’re kidding?’ Toby and Divina are both compulsive swingers; they are addicted to swapping and all that goes with that particular lifestyle choice.

‘No, he’s not.’ Dee, smiling, shrugs. ‘It’s the God’s gospel, Tob.’

‘There’s a BDSM club near Redruth,’ I added. ‘Down on the coast there’s Chain & Chastity…And over on Dartmoor there’s the Dartmoor Bitches Club…it’s for female tops and dominants. They meet once a month to discuss whipping techniques, to share experiences, and, on occasion, to lick a little pussy.’

‘No way!’ Total shock. Toby ran a hand through reddish hair.

‘It’s true.’

‘Peedeel enjoys the Colonic Fetish Clinic most, though, don’t you darling?’ Dee said. ‘It’s over on the north coast. They do bed and breakfast there. The ladies are fully trained therapists, and they provide a wide range of services…’

Mention of the clinic made me shudder. One birthday I had been driven over there and left in the merciless hands of nursey and matron for the day. I have imprinted on my brain the menu of treatments on offer: bladder washout, scrotal inflation, enema play; for ladies into playing doctors and nurses, there was the gynecological examination…

Dee had already decided and arranged my treatments. I had no say in the matter. I found myself on a table, restrained. They collected samples from me by “electronic means” which I’ll not describe further here. I was given a full examination…Reflex testing, penis and testicle palpation. I then underwent penis enlargement therapy, which entailed the use of pumps and various vacuum tubes etc which added a full two inches to my penis length (at least temporarily) but was very uncomfortable. A full rectal examination (even more uncomfortable) which included rectal dilation. This consisted of manual and mechanical stretching. Various implements were then used to stimulate, massage and examine the prostate…

This was followed by the High Colonics…a particularly invasive treatment lasting 45 minutes or so. Here matron and nursey insert an 8″ speculum into your backside. I remember I cried –


when they did it. Matron sat beside me. She had total control of my bowl movements. The Colonic machine did all the work, while matron held the speculum firmly in place. Nursey periodically rubbed my penis to keep it fully erect throughout the procedure.

It was a nightmare, believe me!

A taste of hell.

I have nightmares still of matron and nursey standing side-by-side in their heavily lubricated latex gloves and starched uniforms; matron with a coil of neoprene tubing wrapped over her shoulder, and nursey with that sadistic lopsided grin she wears whenever she penetrates you with something unpleasant.

My description of the ordeal I suffered at that hellish ‘clinic’ kept everyone amused, although I think Divina was a tad shocked by my unexpected revelations, which surprised me.

Three years ago Dee decided she had a passion for Toby. They were staying with us for a long weekend, so we ‘swapped’. Dee spent a night with Toby and I curled up with the delightful Divina. One thing that has always stuck in my mind about that night was how lacking in passion Divina seemed. She lay back and let me get on with it. Like a ragdoll that I moved and manipulated. Her legs over my shoulders. My face buried in her muff…

She sighed, she moaned softly. Her legs yawned impossibly as I sucked and licked at her like a starving man.

She came suddenly, convulsively, almost silently. She came not once but five times during the course of that night. In the morning, when we were due to return to our respective partners, she said, ‘Shall we do that again tonight? It was rather fun, I thought…’

But now Dee is telling them both about Mistress de la douleur and her huge house on the edge of the moor.

‘Peedeel loves it there,’ she said. ‘The woman is a professional mistress and provides a full range of BDSM services. But Peedeel is addicted to her disciplined massage…’

Oh, boy and girls, what can I say? You are there under restraint, naked, blindfolded. Mistress has a helper in attendance, sweet, sadistic Saskia. You feel for the first time hot oil spilling onto every part of your body…this fires your senses in a way hard to describe. Your cock swells and pulses as the hot oil trickles between your legs, covering balls and thighs…You long for touch, for the mistress or Saskia to massage that oil in…to touch and to tease, but for this you must wait!

You feel naked bodies close as four hands blend the warm oil over you. It’s almost as if you are encased in female flesh…It’s a sensation beyond words!

One minute hands and fingers are in between your legs, gently working at you; then they are on your back and arms, then someone is sat across you kneading and stroking, probing and playing. Warm oil and flesh sliding everywhere. You lose control. You are submerged in the experience, drifting deeper and deeper into a sublimely erotic state.

Soft voices whisper in your ear. They tell how they’re going to take control of you, tease and use you…as the warm breathe drifts over your face, and the words seep into your mind you feel hot stones gliding over your legs – up as far as your bottom cheeks, and then stretching them apart, exposing everything…the warmth and oil cause your prostate to tingle; it’s like a warm, wet tongue licking and probing, pushing and circling-making. You writhe and wriggle….wanting to be filled, to be used, wanting to be taken…This is female dominance in its most erotic, sensual form…

You want to explode – your cock is throbbing, but every time you think you are going to cum, you are brought back to a controllable level…Its as if these two women are in your mind reading your thoughts…

A set of hands gently pulls your bottom cheeks apart and vibration is felt rubbing up and down, round and round. You want to be filled, probed, used and teased. You feel drip after drip of warm oil slide inside of you. A finger ever so gently enters you, opens you. And as it does so the heat of the oil sends a flurry of sensations down the shaft of your ridged cock.

You are absorbed in the orgasmic sensation of your torment, unaware of where you are, who you are, or what is happening. All you know is you want more and more and more…

Slippery fingers penetrate fully, expertly massage your aching prostate. It feels as if you are totally full of hot oil now, and this sensation is mind-blowing. But it’s still only the beginning. You are rolled over, your hard swollen cock on display. More hot oil, hands and arms and thighs to help spread it. A small vibrating toy slips between your legs. Hot stones glide over taut belly, to join the toy…

‘It’s really incredible,’ I said to Toby. ‘Never experienced anything quite like it before…Fantastic, but pricey, of course.’

‘I can’t believe all this goes on here, in the middle of nowhere,’ Toby said. He was sure we were teasing him.

Later that afternoon we went for a walk together. It was a beautiful day. Our valley is this long, gorse tangled bowl criss-crossed by dry-stone walls. High on the valley’s rim, beside the ruined tower of a stone-built winding house, we stood and surveyed the landscape. Toby gave this big wheezy sigh.

‘Yeah,’ he said. ‘This is why you live here. This scenery. All this green and the air. You almost had me believing you.’ He chuckled. ‘Like this place is a hotbed of sin and sex.’ He shook his head. ‘You really had me going there for a minute or two.’

Dee glanced at me and shrugged. ‘Tell you what,’ she said. ‘Next time you’re down, I’ll arrange an appointment for you with matron and nursey at the clinic.’

‘Yeah, great.’ He laughed. ‘You do that little thing.’

I smiled broadly. Introducing Toby to scrotal inflation might actually be great fun…