a way of being or thinking

January 10, 2019

This is the truth — I really don’t know how to write a poem. I scribble out 80 percent of what I write. What comes up in a book is just what survives. I want to write in a way that makes me discover something that I don’t know. I think poetry is a way of being or thinking, a way of speaking or thinking out loud as you go.

Marie Howe
Interview with Shivani Singh
Daily Free Press March 16th 2016

sit down and write

October 11, 2018

woman in silk and mist

Now I only write fiction, and I work terribly hard at it. I research incessantly, partly to put off the terrible moment when I have to sit down and write. I go over my words again and again – take out commas and put them back in, search for the right phrase to capture an idea. Sometimes I think I overdo all my revising, but that’s the way it is. Writing is my profession. I still do book reviews occasionally, but 20 years ago, after my first novel came out, I decided that life was too short to write journalism.

Angela Carter
A Maker of Magic Souffles
Interview with New York Times 7th September 1986