‘listen girl,’ Medea says, ‘you are
not the first person in the world to
suffer from a broken heart.
but i will treat you like you are.
listen girl. he is not calling out your name.
your name to him is nothing.
it might have been before.
once, your name might have been
the only word he knew when he
was blind sad or bursting with sun.
those days are over.
your name can only exist in your own mouth now.
say it over and over. say it until it doesn’t sound
like a name, but just a sound.
the promises he made you are just sounds now too.
remember that.
your hands are what will hold you together now.
and you want to be mad? be mad.
here is a plate. throw it through his window,
listen to the crack. the shatter. laugh into the night.
call yourself the sun. see, you will rise.
and are you less of a woman for this? no
what is woman?
woman is this – enduring.
listen girl, you will get over this – you will.
but what fool said you had to do it silently?
here is a tip – scream.’

Salma Deera

White Silence

December 9, 2018

Scream as I claw your velvet skin

Endre Ady
The White Silence

Coping with the pain…

January 21, 2018


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November 6, 2015



April 12, 2015


from lungs that fill your whole body
because you can’t keep it in and you won’t let it out
the storm that blows ocean through you, wind, smoke
so huge I have to suck in air to help
I love your scream
because you scream tears into my eyes
I love your scream
because it howls through all your beautiful holes
I love your scream
because of everybody who has ever screamed
Scream into my mouth
Scream into my cunt
Scream into my clever hands
Scream into this poem
Lover, when you suffer for me
Scream for me


Risqué post…

July 11, 2014