In order to understand Crowley and his controversial work, we need to place them against the backdrop of British attitudes toward sexuality in the late nineteenth century. Indeed, one of the many reasons for the shocking, sordid and deliciously scandalous reputation that followed Crowley was his practice of sexual magic and his deliberate transgression of the sexual mores of the world in which he was raised.  Rejecting the effete morality of his Christian youth, Crowley deliberately set out to overturn what he saw as the oppressive, hypocritical attitudes of Victorian England, by identifying sex as the most central aspect of the human being and the most profound source of magical power (in fact, in his Book of Lies, he points out that the English word for the pronoun “I” is itself a phallic shape). The popular press, of course, took no end of delight in sensationalizing Crowley’s sexual promiscuity, which was described in vivid, exaggerated and often hilarious detail throughout the newspapers of the day. Thus he and his degenerate band of followers were described in the most scandalous terms as “a blasphemous sect whose proceedings lend themselves to immorality of the most revolting character,” whose main goal is “to fill their money-bags by encouraging others to gratify their depraved tastes.”

Hugh Urban
UNLEASHING THE BEAST: Aleister Crowley, Tantra and Sex Magic in Late Victorian England

Coast of Sea at Night - Ivan Aivazovsky

Diary 24th June

So, referendum result? Goodbye to Europe…Little England with its narrow, little mind has won. The divorce is going to be long and very messy.


I failed to mention the solstice and Stonehenge the other day. Shows how busy I’ve been, boys and girls. Around 12,000 people attended – less than the twenty thousand anticipated. Perhaps because of the alcohol ban, but more likely because of the cost of car parking.

Strawberry moon lit up the solstice sky for the first time in forty-nine years. And then the most incredible sunrise above the heel stone…

And when the horn blasts sounded out across the crowd, we all drank brandy from silver flasks. Lots of it. A wonderful experience. Thanks in particular to Aibhlinn and her beautiful partner whose hospitality and knowledge of things esoteric seemed limitless.

May peace accompany you wherever you go.


Can I mention here the death ship?

Well, yes, of course I can. It’s my Blog, isn’t it? I can mention what I please.

So, the Death ship and its appearance off St Just – a village in the far west reaches of Cornwall, where currently reside many witches, various practitioners of sexual magic, the odd Satanist or two, and a very large community of ‘swingers’. It is a village where, two hundred years ago, a dark stranger with cold grey eyes arrived with his sea chest. He took up residence in a cottage on the coast nearby. The villagers then, a pious band of church-goers, knew not from whence he’d come – but the suggestion was made that the stranger was in fact a pirate, who’d been marooned by his sea-robbing comrades for being too rough!

His arrival coincided with a number of ship wrecks off that stretch of coast. According to William Bottrell (Traditions and Hearthside Stories of West Cornwall, Vol. 2):

“At length it was discovered that, on dark winter nights—when honest folks were a-bed—he made it his practice to fasten a lantern to the neck of a horse, which he had hobbled, by tying down its head to a fore-leg; then he drove the horse along near the cliff, and the lantern, from its motion, would be taken for a vessel’s stern-light.

“Consequently those on board ships sailing by, expecting to find plenty of sea room, would come right in and be wrecked on the rocks. Any of their crews that escaped a watery grave the wretch would knock on the head with his axe, or cut off their hand when they tried to grasp the rocks.”

And so the stranger became richer and lived the life of an aristocrat, lording it over all until he fell ill. Then it was the devil collected his due –

“When he was dying his awful shrieks were heard far away, as he cried, “Do save me from the devil, and the sailors, there, looking to tear me to pieces.” Several parsons and other pious folks were sent for.”

“Though it was in harvest time and high day, the old wrecker’s chamber became, at times, as dark as night. The parsons saw the devil in the room, when others could not; by their reading they drove him to take many shapes, but for all that he would not be put out; at last, when he took the form of a fly, and buzzed about the dying wretch, they saw it was in vain for them to try any longer.

“During the time the exorcists were engaged, the chamber seemed – by the sound – to be filled with the sea splashing around the bed; waves were heard as if surging and breaking against the house, though it was a good bit inland.”

Two farm hands out on the cliffs “beheld a black, heavy, square-rigged ship, with all sail set, coming fast in, against wind and tide, and not a hand to be seen aboard her.

“She came so close under cliff that only her topmast could be seen; when black clouds – that seemed to rise out of the deep – gathered around her and extended thence straight to the dying man’s dwelling.”

The farm hands, “terrified at the sight of this ship-of-doom so near them, ran up to the town-place, just as the old sinner died, when his dwelling shook as if about to fall. Everybody, in great fright, rushed out and saw the black clouds roll off towards the death-ship, which, at once, sailed away amidst a blaze of lightning – far over sea, and disappeared.”


So now I’m off on my hols. Do take care boys and girls.

Welcome to another –

September 5, 2015


Yes, a day for unleashing your sexual energy, engaging in a little sex magic, or light bondage. See how many times you can achieve the big O.

Release your sexual energy!

Release your sexual energy and float free!

An earthy and sometimes nervous sexuality is not a bad thing; be open to experimentation and feed your curiosity. There has never been a better time for a bit of kink…!

Sex Magic

December 20, 2014


One time I was in hospital in London. There was a staff nurse working nights there called Sophia, who often came to sit with me in the small hours.

‘Don’t you ever sleep?’ she once asked.

‘Never for longer than four hours a day, and that usually in the afternoon. I work through the night. It’s been that way with me for years.’

We would talk about a range of things, putting the world to rights, and one particular time she asked about a book on my bedside cabinet.

‘Is that really about magic?’ she asked.

‘It is, yes. Sexual magic.’

‘Do you believe in that kind of thing?’

‘I believe in the inherent power of individual sexuality, yes. That it can be deployed for a wide range of spiritual and material ends. Not only can you achieve divine insight, but you can also attain the mundane goals of physical health, financial success or regaining the passions of a straying lover.’

‘Physical health…But you’re in hospital?’

‘Because of an accident. And the doctor says I’m making an incredibly rapid recovery. That’s due to sexual magic.’

‘But you’re alone here?’

‘Sexual magic can be practiced alone. It’s called masturbation,’ She laughed at this, and I continued: ‘Sex is the most powerful force in life, the supreme source of magical power. You simply use the creative power of sexual energy to generate a desired result. It does work, too. I’ve experienced it.’

‘So what are you saying? You’re lying here all day, er, playing with yourself…?’

‘Not exactly. Part of the technique of sex magic is building sexual energy. You do this over a period of time. The result is the production of greater “magical” energy which can then be used to achieve the desired result.’

‘So, s’posing I wanted to do sex magic. What exactly do I need to do?’

‘Set aside a space free of interruption. Maybe have some mood music playing. Incense burning, if you wish. Decide what your objective is to be. What is it you most desire? Keep that in your mind. Undress. Explore yourself, gently. Begin sexual stimulation…Take your time. Make it last as long as you can. Don’t delay your orgasm, so much as “control” it. Feel it building…Let it encompass your “objective”. Then at orgasm feel the intensity, yes, but let your objective overwhelm your mind. It’s the crucial moment where your soul is suddenly open to the spiritual energies of the cosmos. Sex magic sees the world as power. Your orgasm helps you harness that power. As the orgasm recedes allow the “objective” to fade into the background of your mind, then begin the process over.’

‘Wow. How many times do I have to do that?’

‘As many or as few times as you like. Once only if you want. More if you’re up for it. You set the timetable. But the actual ritual will need to be repeated at regular intervals until your objective is achieved.’

‘And you truly believe this works?’

‘I know it does, yes. Sex magic enables you to take charge of your life. Realize your full potential. Discover the limitless opportunities surrounding you.’

‘And you can do it on your own.’

‘Yes. Or with a lover, if you prefer. As a couple the male should “control” his orgasm as long as possible. Multiple orgasms on the part of the female are good. The best position in my opinion – if the “objective” in mind belongs to the female – is the woman on top. She tends to get more stimulation that way. She receives in return much of his energy and can direct it into the universe. And he, receiving less stimulation, ejaculates later.’

‘So could I use it to make my landlord sort out the problems with my bathroom shower?’

‘Certainly. Anything you desire.’

‘I might give it a try when I go off duty.’

‘I’ll help,’ I said. ‘You tell me what time you’re going to commence the ritual, and I’ll join with you from here. We can both focus on your objective.’

‘Really? Will that work?’

‘It will. We could carry out the ritual at the same time every day. I think you’ll soon get your shower sorted.’

‘You don’t know my landlord. Tight-fisted doesn’t cover it.’

‘Give the sex magic a try. It might not happen overnight. But it will happen. Trust me.’

So to cut a long story short, the following week, a day or so before my discharge from the hospital, pretty Sophia pulled the curtains around my bed. It was just after three of the AM. She knelt astride me on the bed and exquisitely impaled herself…Joined together that way, we abandoned ourselves to the cosmos and sex magic.

I never told Sophia that the sex magic I used at that time wasn’t for my quick recovery. No. It was that she become my lover. And she did.

Three weeks following my discharge from hospital, Sophia told me her good news. Her landlord had sold out to a local housing association. The association were going to carry out all necessary repairs on the property.

‘Well,’ I said. ‘Just shows you.’

‘Yes,’ she said. ‘It could be coincidence. But I’m beginning to believe sex magic does work!’