April 28, 2020

A clip of thinder ever the reeftips
sends like a bimb going iff!
My hurt thimps in my chist.

It’s dirk. The clods are block with reen.
The wand blues in the trays.
There’s no mean.

I smuggle ender my blinkets
and coddle my toddy.
Sloop will have drums in it.

Carol Ann Duffy

/penis hex/

October 6, 2019

the hex for a penis isn’t really all about
the penis
the penis is not an issue all fine doing its own thing
ink blot semen       sweet white plaster
pale peach tartlet
but when it goes you see      you see a lot of things

to hex a penis off means taking a laugh out for a walk
long and blue
cold as Russia
laughing and laughing your mouth is open
let your girlfriend see your tongue

to hex a penis off wrap yourself up
in a warm bed and no one is there
intellectual persuasion
hand in the unowned air
peeling strips of dull bleached sky

hex like artemisia
holofernes’ head back the fucking sucker
head back and tirades full of blood
he goes down way way down
judith’s painted hand is a snare
she is catching your penis and taking it home

hex with a plate of grilled pears
against cream
a glass of just-pink wine
teacups porcelain thrush egg blue
your soft under the breath singing

hex it off with a little journey
islands of any kind ideally somewhere cold
green things butting out into a black/grey sea
no one is on the island to tell you the kind of
things you should be touching

hex at a child-wedding
don’t worry it’s cool
at the ceremony just wait until the
drinks are being served and then set fire
to the whole place
the drapes that are azure blue
holiday destination blue pope innocent blue
the child-bride comes with you
her big gobstopper eyes and hello kitty backpack
full of dicks

hex in a philosophy seminar
see them start to detach and waver
a few centimetres apart from their owners

maybe I’m not actually bothered by the logical
summation of things
their soft and sweet calculation and steadfast rationale
maybe I like it out here in the dark cold wood
with all my bits hanging down and fiery creatures
perching on every surface shaking their claws
maybe I like it with god holding my sweaty wavering hand

hex it by saying nothing
this navy zip-up and scarf says that I understand comfort
and solidarity
don’t talk to me don’t tell me about your day
or ask me where the good places are
is there a problem is this sector
off it goes

turn back and unpave the roads
hex an epic poem some kind of discharge
a throne that you forged from
gold and diamonds and plastic bangles
and crow feathers and infinity rings

hex it through glory
total and utter glory
your huge red/black hair reaching and touching the upper
pagan understanding and all types of weird singing
some woman in a mint silk pantsuit so happy with
a penis between her legs and the next shucking it off
able to do exactly as is necessary

wind batters the tall insane skyscrapers
glowering hungry sky             very unusual
that metallic taste in your mouth it’s changing       

you see

Rebecca Tamás

Abracadabra Acudubillah

March 2, 2019

Every day since that bad
thing happened, I’ve been practicing
a spell:

how to disappear
from yourself,
within yourself.

I’ve noticed
each time I leave,
something in me keeps

Something in me turns
its back on me —

someone else reflected in the mirror,
someone else answering
to my name.

Warsan Shire


September 25, 2018

We’re all born a Witch. We’re all born into magic. It’s taken from us as we grow up.

Madeleine L’Engle
The Crosswicks Journal


You need:
• An onion
• 12 Needles
• Black and Red Thread
• Chilli Peppers
• Spit

Select a large onion and slice it down the middle. Pull out a good amount of the center, and fill it with chilli peppers.

Close the onion and wrap a good amount of black thread right around the middle until its sturdy and closed.

Stab the needles in the onion in a circle diagonally around the entire onion.

Repeat crossing the circles, they should look like a giant “X” that circles around the onion. (6 for one circle and 6 the other).

Thread one of the circles with black thread, and the other with red.

One thread should go through each needle. When you’ve finish tie it off with a simple knot.

Place it in a bag (plastic trash bag is fine) or a box (cardboard is fine).

Visualise your enemy. Concentrate on them and speak the following verses:

“You crossed a line (name of your enemy), that much is true,
So now I’ll send my spite to you.
A wicked core will burn and ache
You crossed a line, your own mistake.

Needles sharp and eyes of thread
Sleep now as you’ve made this bed
Many layers deep it will delve
A year of bitterness, these months of twelve.”

Before you seal off the container (bag or box) spit into it if you want them to know somehow all these bad things are your handiwork.

Seal the container and dispose of the onion.

Enjoy your enemy’s discomfort.

Banish Negativity

November 22, 2017

The Witch curse

July 22, 2017

A few years ago a lady who was walking through the market square at Tavistock saw an old woman pilfering small articles from the stalls. She called the attention of one of the sellers to this, whereupon the hag swiftly turning round asked “With which eye did you see this?” “With both my eyes,” was the reply. The old woman muttered quickly to herself, and added aloud: “For meddling with what does not concern you, by this and that you shall see no more.” So saying she waved her hand swiftly across the lady’s face, not touching her, and hobbled away. Within an hour the lady lost her sight, and blind she remained until the day she died, which was in 1931.

Montague Summers
A Popular History of Witchcraft

Gather: seeded dandelions, matches, burnable area, paper, taglock (such as locks of hair, fingernail clippings or blood).

You can choose to make a ring of dandelions, or a bundle, or simply use one. (note: the more dandelions you use the more wishes you destroy).

If you want to target specific wishes, write them down on slips of paper and wrap them around the stems of the dandelion

Place taglock in the middle of the circle, or around the bundle.

Burn the dandelions.

Dispose of them safely but keep the taglock.

Beltane Blessing

April 30, 2017

With Beltane (May Eve) upon us, this is a simple little spell to bless our garden and bring fertility and harmony to your little piece of Green. It is my belief that when conducting spells/rituals for blessings, love and happiness in general you should approach this with a happy heart and with fun it is ‘intent’ that makes any magic work after all…

You will need;

• 4 pebbles/stones
• paint and paint brush
• compass (app on your phone will be fine!)

Firstly with your compass work out which directions of your garden are North, West, East and West, when you know this keep in mind the following correspondences…
• North – Earth
• South – Fire
• East – Air
• West – Water

Choose the pebble/stone that you feel matches the most with each direction/element and then take each stone and paint a symbol or a word on each to welcome the blessing for example:

• North – Earth – Word/Growth or Protection
• South – Fire – Word/Energy or Abundance
• East – Air – Word/Harmony/Clarity
• West – Water – Word/Fertility/Joy

When you are happy with your pebbles/stones and you have taken time devising your word or symbol take them at sunrise on Beltane (May Eve) April 30th and plant each pebble in the corresponding (North, South, East, West etc) part of your garden. This must be at sunrise and you must take the time to feel your garden beneath your feet, the dew on the plants and grass, the warmth or light from the sun and any breeze that may be in the air. Welcome the elements in harmony into your garden and ask them to bless your garden to make it a happy, fertile place.

Source: Bell, book and candle


November 15, 2016


moods. She sits beneath;
held by the anchor of tundra.

Nursed on
grasses and
leaves, she breathes again.
Content, she spills joyous laughter.

Laura Swiggum