We each of us have a history. There’s a reason we are what we are. We are not as we are because we wish it, but because something in the past has made us this way. And sometimes it’s impossible to change.


Strip Poker

September 29, 2019

Every hand I get
you seem to be beating
I’m starting to wonder
if perhaps you’re cheating

Knickers come off
I start to blush
Never realized pair of twos’
beat a royal flush

Poeta De Cabra

Strip Poker

March 31, 2019

My cousin, me and a girl were playing strip poker truth or dare. Basically you play a hand of strip poker and the two losers take off a piece of clothing, then the loser with the worst hand has to take a truth or dare challenge from the winner. We had been playing a while and I was down to just my tshirt, my cousin was down to just his socks and she was down to her panties and t-shirt. She won and we lost, so I tossed the shirt and was totally naked with a throbbing hard-on and he lost a sock. My hand was lowest so I had to choose truth or dare. Some of the truth questions before had been really personal so I chose dare. I was stunned when she dared me to suck my cousin’s cock while they finished playing until either he lost his last sock or she lost her panties and t-shirt. Everyone had fulfilled their truth or dare up to that point, so I felt like I had to. He turned towards me and spread his legs and I leaned over and went down on him. I sucked his dick for several minutes while she watched, then they started playing cards again. After a few minutes I heard her say she folded and then said she was doing it so she wouldn’t win and I would have to keep sucking him longer. Another long wait while she watched me suck. Then she asked him if he was close to cumming and he said he was. Then she pulled her tshirt off and showed him her tits and suddenly he shot a huge load in my mouth. I gagged but swallowed most of it. When I raised up she had already put her tshirt back on so I didn’t even get to see her tits.


Raw Confessions

dream of vampires

February 9, 2019

The secret a close friend confided to me about her 59 year old grandmother:

“This is something gross for you to cherish. Me at age twelve staying at my gran’s in Portsmouth for the weekend. I’d gone to bed about eleven on Saturday night. Gran was downstairs with this neighbour, a guy from two doors down. He was younger than her. Maybe twenty years younger.

“Anyhow. I got up towards midnight and tiptoed downstairs for a glass of water. Through the partly open living room door I see gran and the neighbour on the sofa playing cards. All of a sudden, gran peels off her blouse exposing her breasts; she wasn’t wearing a bra. It happened so quickly too. It seemed surreal.

“He smiles at her and says, ‘Nice.’ Then he says, ‘Your pick-up.’ Gran takes a card; he takes a card. Gran stands and unzips her skirt.

“I realise they’re playing somekind of strip poker.

“I slip into the kitchen quiet as a mouse and get the water. Then it’s back to bed for me. But I can’t relax. I keep thinking about the game downstairs.

“Unable to overcome my curiosity, I go back downstairs. Gran and the neighbour were both nude. He sits on the sofa, she kneels between his spread legs. He has a hand resting on her bobbing head. And I can’t believe what she’s got in her mouth!

“He’s making these funny panting noises all the while. ‘Keep going,’ he says, ‘keep going.’ And then it’s like he’s having somekind of fit. His whole body shivering and shaking –

“I didn’t know what the hell was happening. It frightened me, I’ll tell you. I ran upstairs for the safety of my bed. Eventually I slept but I dreamt about vampires. Sucking blood from people. It was disgusting.

“Today I know the neighbour was cumming in gran’s mouth. But back then I thought he was dying, and that gran was sucking the life out of him. Gross, eh? Made me dream of vampires”