submission comes so easily

February 26, 2020

You feel nothing can relieve you, don’t you? There’s no escape from the mundane, the frustrations of everyday things. But I’m here – like your shadow. Creating a world where everything is possible and there are no judgments. Nobody presses, nobody points out your flaws. I use your weakness to strengthen you.

Outside, they don’t understand you. Your submission to me comes so easily. The world rests at your feet. It’s because you’re mine.

like the power

January 23, 2020

I participate in BDSM, but I wasn’t abused as a child. I don’t hate women, or particularly enjoy hurting women. Sometimes I make them feel pain, but it’s consensual, it serves a purpose — to get them off — and they can indicate that they wish me to stop at any time. I do like the power I get from total submission, and the trust that my partner puts in me to give me everything, from her mind to her body, while expecting nothing in return — except the understanding that I won’t violate that trust.

Nenia Campbell
Bound to Accept

explore or penetrate at will

December 19, 2019

But at the first word or sign from anyone you will drop whatever you are doing and ready yourself for what is really your one and only duty: to lend yourself. Your hands are not your own, nor are your breasts, nor, most especially, any of your bodily orifices, which we may explore or penetrate at will. You will remember at all times — or as constantly as possible — that you have lost all right to privacy or concealment, and as a reminder of this fact, in our presence you will never close your lips completely, or cross your legs, or press your knees together (you may recall you were forbidden to do this the minute you arrived).

Pauline Réage
Story of O

Spread your legs wide –

December 14, 2019

Yes, wider.

I want you to wait for me sitting with spread legs. I want to imagine you that way on my journey home. It excites me; I like it. I want to inhale the musky scent of your sex immediately I enter the room.

I want to see you there spread wide for me.

I want your legs spread so wide because I want you to be completely open. I want you to obscenely expose your wonderful complexity to me.

I want those spread legs not just for my pleasure, on a whim. No, I want them to be a door to your world. A symbol of your submission. A surrender of all modesty and inhibition. An admission of your need for penetration.

And once inside, I’ll look for you, find you, discover you. Understand you.

Unravel that thread between your spread sex, your heart and your brain.

I want to feel that thread enclosing me, I want to wrap myself in your beauty, I want that thread to tighten on my flesh, my soul, my cock. I want to see it, feel it, swallow it. I want everything you are: good, evil, happiness, sadness, illusion, disappointment, love, hate, depth, saltwater, roughness, sweetness.

I want to unravel you. With patience, slowness and perseverance. I want to make it simple for both of us. I want to fuck you ‘till you scream for me.

abuse him

December 7, 2019

She loved this animal state that gnawed inside her – she knew without thinking about it, that she would abuse him throughout the evening.

sacrificial lamb

November 9, 2019

Once every month he visited the woman who wore a carapace of black rubber and a face-mask. She had a room in her house that she’d transformed years ago into a torture chamber. It was in there she did what she did to him, the things so desperately required to replenish his emptiness. Tied to a solid wooden cross, a sacrificial lamb, his head full of silence broken by the sound of her spikey high heels on the wooden floorboards as she circled him, dragging her shadow behind her like a vast, unappreciated weight. He was all appetite. Soon he’d be filled to overflowing with pain. She laughed and he glimpsed Armageddon in her eyes – So his ordeal began.

Dominating a female

October 13, 2019

He had been so close to the scene, caught up in it for so long that its simplicity struck him deep down inside. Dominating a female, totally: training her daily to a life of submission. There was no end to it; it knew no boundaries; and he had arrived at the point of convergence where pleasure and the inflicting of pain were one and the same. In the jungles of his dreaming he saw his world drawn in flat dark lines on fine white paper, converging in the middle of a final ceremonial ritual – which rolled over him, over and over again, and he was simply debris caught in a red flood of unbridled sensuality.

male fantasies

June 30, 2019

Hey, I see this 30 Million-Year-Old Praying Mantis preserved in a pristine piece of Amber. It reminds me of male fantasies – male fantasies about themselves and women and everything else. Fuck, the whole world is run on male fantasies: every man wants a nymphomaniac virgin who thinks of nothing but satisfying others and fucks like a Maschinenmensch; they want a Goddess to set-up on a pedestal, or force down on her knees. A pornographic priestess who fucks the whole night through. And women have to be able to take whatever is dished out to them – they even have to pretend they aren’t catering to male fantasy,  which in itself is a fucking male fantasy! Women are reduced by male fantasy to gynoids that serve. Like Wonder Woman giving head on demand,  and pretending she has a life of her own outside of male fantasy. But it’s not true. She doesn’t, because she submits to male fantasies, accepts them, partakes in them, becomes a disembodied voyeur watching herself in a starring role centred in – male fantasies.


March 31, 2019

Submission is not about what your dominant does TO you…it’s about what you do FOR your dominant.

Uniquely Rika

not quite human

February 17, 2019

Erotic submission is a limit-experience, beyond which something else comes into play, something not quite human.

Jonathan Kemp