dirty thoughts

July 1, 2018

My sweet, complacent puppy awaits the dark, dirty thoughts that fill my mind –


Taking the popular term current in BDSM circles today, I shall immerse myself in the subject of “subspace”, that is, the altered state of consciousness that a submissive reaches upon the culmination of pleasure; that trance state in which tolerance to pain can be so great that its limits cannot be found.

It is where we as Dominants must have the ability to control this state. We could say that the submissive “flies” and abstracts from everything which surrounds him / her, losing the notion of reality, diving into an abyss of authentic pleasure where everything that is not that sensation is alien to him or her. Even the function of speech is impaired, so that the safe word loses its meaning because he / she will never pronounce it.

It is a moment of utmost transcendence, and the Dominant person must demonstrate good sense, control and authentic care – because not only is the Dom’s own Will present, but in their hands quite literally (and in a very strict sense), rests the will of the other person and their emotional and physical safety.

We have to know how to manage this whole situation and to consider with temperance the “return” of the submissive. Each Dom has their own method, but it must be the safest and most consistent method for the submissive person, giving “small” hits of reality until he / she becomes aware of where they are and what is happening. And, above all, the Dom must bear in mind that this “return” can cause “side effects” and must be prepared for the “subdrop” in which the submissive begins to question everything.

The Dom should spare no effort making them see very clearly when each session begins and when it ends, to define the moments of the “subspace” and to explain to them conscientiously what all this experience consists of – because this is like a hard drug that those who try it and enjoy it will inevitably want to continue consuming, whatever their particular kink may be. And, above all, let them know that the Dom is there to ensure that the best care is always present at every level of their relationship.

Therefore, after the session, it is recommended that a quiet conversation be conducted where the submissive can express their feelings, be heard, and so both Dom and Sub continue learning, and understanding, so that the Sub knows that he / she will never be alone and that they will be cared for and sheltered in that most vulnerable moment – that almost impossible moment of intense pleasure and ecstasy.

Madame D
The Black Queen

what happens inside

April 21, 2018


Just as wearing a habit doesn’t make one a nun, a form of dress (leather, corsets, spiky high heels etc) doesn’t make one a mistress. It is what happens inside you – inside your mind, its inner workings – that will make the submissive fall to his or her knees and worship you as their Goddess.

And you, as the mistress, of course, will take great pleasure from seeing another submit and prostrate themselves before you in this way.

Her broad full bottom

January 14, 2018


December 23, 2017

She worked in customer service, her hair let down over her shoulders.
She’s wearing kinky boots.
She walked around shaking her keys, as she made them all beg for mercy.
One on one,
She whipped him hard, so very hard and made him beg for mercy.
She locked him in a tiny room around about 10 by 10,
She shoved him up against the wall and made him scream in pain.
Tomorrow would be another day, she’ll do the same again!

Olivia Kent May

Always remember –

December 23, 2017

The Sweetest Smile contains the darkest secret…

Sunday Morning Pastimes

October 8, 2017

True bliss follows a good whipping…

You are going to burn in the lava of my soul…

What is an hour or two of torture among such close and intimate friends…?

Grip hard and rub fast. Faster…!

Was it a dream, or did we really do that to each other…?

The casualties of love lay all around us…

She said to me, ‘What is life for? What’s it all about?’

And I replied, ‘It’s so we can love other people. So we can love…’

Give each other the gift of time…

excitement and dread

September 24, 2017

fetish fun

I visited her every third Wednesday of the month, that strange, hard woman who was my secret obsession. And I always experienced the same sense of excitement and dread as I walked from the bus stop to her home.

She would be there in her spiky high-heels and tight pin-stripe skirt, long legs enclosed in black fishnet, a waiting spider to my hesitant fly.

Why did I visit her? Was it the cruel suede whip? The humiliation? The feeling of warm, oiled, heavy chrome beads being inserted carefully, one at a time?

Or did I simply wish to explore the psychic territory of pain in search of an ultimate, mystical proof of “otherness” in life, at the outer edges of death? Pain, pleasure, delirium and reason – she provided it all. For a price…

Dirty Thoughts
James Claudel

He looked at the old wooden table leg she was holding.

‘Anything can be a dildo, if you’re brave enough.’ She’d somehow managed to stretch a condom over one end of the leg. ‘Bend over for me,’ she said, smiling at him. ‘This is going where there ain’t no sunshine, mister – ’

‘That’s too big,’ he said. ‘It’ll split me.’

‘Shut up!’ She spat in his face then hit him on the side of the head with the table leg. ‘You’re a perverted little wimp and you’ll do exactly as I say – or I’ll make sure everyone knows all about you and your dirty little secrets. Now BEND.’

He complied without further complaint. What else could he do? He bent over and spread his cheeks with both hands. She came in closer.

‘This is going all the way up,’ she said.

On the third grunting try he felt the leg enter him. ‘Push,’ she ordered, and he did, slowly sliding on this huge wooden pole. ‘Look at that,’ she said. ‘I’ll be able to park my car up there by the time I’ve finished.’

He felt himself impossibly stretched around the solid wood. She began to move it in, and, not quite, out. She laughed as she worked.

‘I think you’re enjoying this,’ she said. ‘Look how stiff your cock’s become…’

Nigel North
House of Shame