male fantasies

June 30, 2019

Hey, I see this 30 Million-Year-Old Praying Mantis preserved in a pristine piece of Amber. It reminds me of male fantasies – male fantasies about themselves and women and everything else. Fuck, the whole world is run on male fantasies: every man wants a nymphomaniac virgin who thinks of nothing but satisfying others and fucks like a Maschinenmensch; they want a Goddess to set-up on a pedestal, or force down on her knees. A pornographic priestess who fucks the whole night through. And women have to be able to take whatever is dished out to them – they even have to pretend they aren’t catering to male fantasy,  which in itself is a fucking male fantasy! Women are reduced by male fantasy to gynoids that serve. Like Wonder Woman giving head on demand,  and pretending she has a life of her own outside of male fantasy. But it’s not true. She doesn’t, because she submits to male fantasies, accepts them, partakes in them, becomes a disembodied voyeur watching herself in a starring role centred in – male fantasies.


March 31, 2019

Submission is not about what your dominant does TO you…it’s about what you do FOR your dominant.

Uniquely Rika

not quite human

February 17, 2019

Erotic submission is a limit-experience, beyond which something else comes into play, something not quite human.

Jonathan Kemp

jerk himself off

January 27, 2019

He couldn’t even jerk himself off: there was no one to give him permission to come.

Casey K. Cox
Be My Boy


January 6, 2019

Submission is not about authority and it is not obedience; it is all about relationships of love and respect.

Wm. Paul Young
The Shack

“As a dominatrix you must dominate yourself,” says Catherine. “Otherwise you take the chance of killing someone or doing serious damage, so you have to know your limits.” How far will she go? “Blood is only drawn with initiates,” says Beverly. “It is considered a special mark.”

“I stop at what is irreversible,” Madame says. Except when she doesn’t.

Christian first contacted Catherine in 1986 when he was a beautiful young man of 23. He wanted to meet her, to serve her. One day, some years later, he delivered to her a handsome brown box, lined in olive-green velvet, in which lay an exquisite and unique object. It was a branding iron with a carved ivory handle and the initials of Catherine’s nom de plume, “JDB,” on its end. He wanted her to brand him. She did.

“I fell into my dream,” he says of his relationship with Catherine, “and I have never left it.” Over the course of almost 20 years, the marks faded, and a year ago there was another ceremony, to renew them.

Toni Bentley
The Thin End of the Whip


September 23, 2018

My whole self offered up.
Like a sacrifice on an ancient stone altar.
The oldest and most pure ritual in the world,
of one human soul putting itself completely in the hands of another.
You take me as I am.
As I was.
As I will be.
You have made me yours and I will stop at nothing to bring you peace, happiness, contentment…
anything you ever desire.
This is my purpose.
The answer to all of my whys.
The quiet place that was always…

Christine Rogers Odell

dirty thoughts

July 1, 2018

My sweet, complacent puppy awaits the dark, dirty thoughts that fill my mind –


Taking the popular term current in BDSM circles today, I shall immerse myself in the subject of “subspace”, that is, the altered state of consciousness that a submissive reaches upon the culmination of pleasure; that trance state in which tolerance to pain can be so great that its limits cannot be found.

It is where we as Dominants must have the ability to control this state. We could say that the submissive “flies” and abstracts from everything which surrounds him / her, losing the notion of reality, diving into an abyss of authentic pleasure where everything that is not that sensation is alien to him or her. Even the function of speech is impaired, so that the safe word loses its meaning because he / she will never pronounce it.

It is a moment of utmost transcendence, and the Dominant person must demonstrate good sense, control and authentic care – because not only is the Dom’s own Will present, but in their hands quite literally (and in a very strict sense), rests the will of the other person and their emotional and physical safety.

We have to know how to manage this whole situation and to consider with temperance the “return” of the submissive. Each Dom has their own method, but it must be the safest and most consistent method for the submissive person, giving “small” hits of reality until he / she becomes aware of where they are and what is happening. And, above all, the Dom must bear in mind that this “return” can cause “side effects” and must be prepared for the “subdrop” in which the submissive begins to question everything.

The Dom should spare no effort making them see very clearly when each session begins and when it ends, to define the moments of the “subspace” and to explain to them conscientiously what all this experience consists of – because this is like a hard drug that those who try it and enjoy it will inevitably want to continue consuming, whatever their particular kink may be. And, above all, let them know that the Dom is there to ensure that the best care is always present at every level of their relationship.

Therefore, after the session, it is recommended that a quiet conversation be conducted where the submissive can express their feelings, be heard, and so both Dom and Sub continue learning, and understanding, so that the Sub knows that he / she will never be alone and that they will be cared for and sheltered in that most vulnerable moment – that almost impossible moment of intense pleasure and ecstasy.

Madame D
The Black Queen

what happens inside

April 21, 2018


Just as wearing a habit doesn’t make one a nun, a form of dress (leather, corsets, spiky high heels etc) doesn’t make one a mistress. It is what happens inside you – inside your mind, its inner workings – that will make the submissive fall to his or her knees and worship you as their Goddess.

And you, as the mistress, of course, will take great pleasure from seeing another submit and prostrate themselves before you in this way.