Sacred Sex

December 5, 2019

It is sex. How wonderful sex can be, when men keep it powerful and sacred, and it fills the world! like sunshine through and through one!

D.H. Lawrence
The Plumed Serpent

Sunday Sex Confession…

June 18, 2017

Another glorious day: sun-drenched, hot; the sky and moor hinged on the horizon in an orange glow at dawn. Time for the breakfast gin and some sleaze –

Very much in the mood for a boy to let me play with his cock. I want to start off just casually stroking it and exploring it for my own fun. After awhile, I will get an evil smirk on my face and stare at him with “a predator is about to torture their helpless prey” look. I then start deliberately teasing his cock and saying naughty things, hopefully causing him to involuntarily moan and twitch. I want to offer to go down on him, but only if he really begs for it. I spend a good while not giving into him, teasing him more, all because I’m enjoying torturing him too much. When I feel he’s gotten as desperate as he can get, I give him that relief he needs. After he gets off in my mouth, I’ll smile and ask if he enjoyed himself. I’ll kiss his cheek and pull him in close, while he slowly drifts off to sleep.



I wasn’t grateful. You want to talk cranky, coitus interruptus takes me well beyond cranky. My engorged labia felt like they were pressing on my brain — what there was of my brain — and if I didn’t get to fuck someone, something, now — a vampire would do — I was going to fucking explode. My cunt ached like a bruise. Beyond cranky, rather fortunately, doesn’t transmute into embarrassment. It transmutes into fury. As my blood pressure began to rearrange itself to a more standard unengorged pattern I was seething.

Robin McKinley

Brass-bound bitch…

May 24, 2015

Iryna Yermolova

“The big difference between my mom and me – besides the fact that she is dead normal and I’m a magic-handling freak – is that she’s the real thing. She may have a slight problem seeing other people’s points of view, but she’s honest about it. She’s a brass-bound bitch because she believes she knows best. I’m a brass-bound bitch because I don’t want anyone getting close enough to find out what a whiny little knot of naked nerve endings I really am. ”

Robin McKinley


April 17, 2015