Inside out

July 12, 2017

12th July

Striping off our underwear. Cock stiffening at sight of red pubes, at the lips of your other mouth. Go on kissing. Like a dream about eternity –

Have I had greater loves than this on my slow walk through existence?

Sweat slick bodies, unraveling flesh on flesh, and the scent of sex. A scent impregnating these sheets. Hands reaching out, fingertips reading bodies like Braille pages –

Wanting every part of each other. Fucking bone deep. Trembling and breathing out each other’s names in a moment of ecstasy –


Created a vegetable tagine last night, and this morning the kitchen and lounge are permeated by the gentle scent of exotic spices. Cumin, ginger, paprika, cinnamon and saffron. Like a return to Morocco. Exotic sights, sounds…a sensory overload! Loosing yourself in the maze that is the Fez medina –

Keeping yourself as well hydrated as a fully watered camel is all very well – but all that peeing!


On the moor, distant ages blur one into the other. Melancholy ruins here and there: roofs of long abandoned farm buildings sagging inwards, tall chimneys from the industrial past rear out of brambles and a Celtic cross stands roadside, memorial to a people long departed and yet still close at hand –


Ah, but when you kiss her through her panties –


Hospital last Monday…private hospital, again. Consultant appears obviously unhappy with his lot. ‘Please sit down,’ says he. ‘The news is not good – ’

And of course he was correct. The news is devastating. But there is a chance…always there is a chance.

Afterwards I cling to her while she cries and kiss her head repeatedly like a child begging forgiveness. I want to scream but I’m crushed by emotion and fear concerning her.