a wolf for you

January 26, 2020

I could be a wolf for you. I could put my teeth on your throat. I could growl. I could eat you whole. I could wait for you in the dark. I could howl against your hair.

Catherynne M. Valente
The Red Girl

A Scream, A Release

January 23, 2020

I am an omen. Good or
bad, exorcism quiet.

Think of me as the
right moment to

bloom into sickness –

swollen with teeth and
scars, veins full of

bone, glowing
bloody, wet with night.

A wolf.

Sarah Nichols

make love

July 4, 2019

(i dreamed the other night of the scent of sweat, jaws at my throat, nails drawing blood at the base of my hair) we will make love with our teeth or not at all

Kai Cheng Thom
Interracial Psychology
A Place Called No Homeland

legs tied wide apart

May 19, 2019

You know what would be good? Your legs tied wide apart while I experiment on you with my teeth and tongue and hands, and maybe a load of toys as well –

Eat me up, my love, or else

December 14, 2018

Everything in love is oriented toward this absorption. At the same time real love is a don’t-touch, yet still an almost-touching. Tact itself: a phantom touching. Eat me up, my love, or else I’m going to eat you up. Fear of eating, fear of the edible, fear on the part of the one of them who feels loved, desired, who wants to be loved, desired, who desires to be desired, who knows that there is no greater proof of love than the other’s appetite, who is dying to be eaten up yet scared to death by the idea of being eaten up, who says or doesn’t say, but who signifies: I beg you, eat me up. Want me down to the marrow. And yet manage it so as to keep me alive. But I often turn about or compromise, because I know that you won’t eat me up, in the end, and I urge you: bite me. Sign my death with your teeth.

Hélène Cixous
Love of the Wolf

love with claws and teeth

December 8, 2018

Girls love each other like animals. There is something ferocious and unself-conscious about it. We don’t guard ourselves like we do with boys. No one trains us to shield our hearts from each other. With girls, it’s total vulnerability from the beginning. Our skin is bare and soft. We love with claws and teeth and the blood is just proof of how much. It’s feral. And it is relentless.

Leah Raeder
Black Iris

slow and vicious

September 23, 2018

I need your teeth in me, slow and vicious, to tell me my armour is just skin, bones, only bones.

Jamaal May
The Whetting of Teeth
The Big Book of Exit Strategies

something wild

September 4, 2018

Teeth on my neck and hands gripping my bones. I want you like something wild wants the key to its cage. How long do we sit here trading radical words while I stare at your mouth? How much can I impress you with all my talk of revolution, when all I want to do is fuck you?

Clementine von Radics

grafted into your vagina

January 23, 2016


“It was, my dear, the simplest of procedures. While you lay anaesthetised on the table, sixty of the most beautiful teeth were individually grafted into your vagina. Obviously, we had to widen you a little to accomplish our aim, because the tooth donor was a crocodile. We made certain other small alterations and adjustments to your body. But the operation has been a total success. Spread your adulterous legs now and you’ll expose an even white smile for your lover…”