not done being shameless

August 1, 2019


A hand on my thigh. That is what I’m thinking about, most of the time. A hand slipping under my dress,  the other holding the steering wheel, and me,  upright in the passenger’s seat. Fearless. Always fearless in love, like I’ve had practice.  Look,  I know you’re sick of hearing about the skin of it all, but I’m not done being shameless with where I want to be touched. A hand pressed lightly against my neck. Lips grazing the apple of my bottom lip. Your name like a tongue over the ridges of my teeth. Your body like a downpour with me dancing underneath it.

Caitlyn Siehl
Most of the Time

legs tied wide apart

May 19, 2019

You know what would be good? Your legs tied wide apart while I experiment on you with my teeth and tongue and hands, and maybe a load of toys as well –

I want my head
to live
your legs.
I want my head
to live
your legs
because in-between
your legs
is where your pussy
and I wanna lick
your pussy
all the time,
most preferably
with my tongue.
But before I lick her,
         your pussy
         that is,
I want to make her
more excited
I wanna bite
the insides of your
the same way
I take bites
outta Twix Bars.
I wanna start my Twix bites
down by your knees,
         then proceeding
to slowly
work my Twix bites
up towards
your pussy.
         just as I get so close
         to your pussy
         that you think I’m gonna
         Twix bite her,
I will go back
and gently kiss
each Twix bite mark
I made on your thighs,
         as if undoing them
with my lips,
         as if healing them,
         as if saying,
“Oh, I’m sorry…
         I’m so, so, so
         so sorry…
         Let me kiss it
and make it
all better for you.”
I will kiss up
and down the inside
of your thighs,
         soft, wet, smacking kisses
         making it all better,
while simultaneously making
your pussy excited
for some licking,
like really,
really excited,
like when I come home
and my dog runs over to me
and jumps up and down
and then runs in circles
kinda excited.
Once I see your pussy
jumping up and down
and running in circles
I will know it’s finally time
for me
to lick her
and she will be
or at least
she thinks
she’ll be ready
but she has no idea
what is in store
for her,
that I’m hell bent
on complete and total
clitoral devastation,
that I’m a pussy terrorist
and I won’t be happy
until your clit
is exploding.
But I won’t attack her
with my tongue
until I’ve attacked
the rest of your pussy
My tongue will run
soft laps
up and down
the sides of your pussy,
         jogging along
         your labias with huffing,
         puffing moisture,
         once it’s all warmed up,
my tongue will
push itself harder.
It will go from a jog
into a full run,
         moving harder
and harder
and faster and faster
up and down
your pussy’s miraculous curves
and folds.
Then my tongue
will swoop down
to your vaginal opening.
It will do circles
around it like a wet, vulture
made out of muscle,
         each circle
bringing it closer and closer
to my tongue
slipping itself inside
of you
and your vaginal hole
will feel it coming,
it will be waiting
for it,
for my tongue
to peek its head
and say, “Hello,”
circling closer
and closer,
almost inside of you,
so close to being
inside of you,
         your vaginal hole
         tingling in anticipation,
and then my tongue
It returns
to the air and continues
circling your vaginal
moving in again
waiting for the perfect
to slip itself
inside you,
getting nearer
and then,
the warmth of my tongue sticks itself
inside you
but just a little
Just enough
to look around inside
and make sure the coast
is clear.
         once my tongue sees
         everything is safe,
it will slide itself
deeper inside
that there is nothing
to fear here,
that this is safest
and most wonderful place
in the world,
         the overall joy
and happiness
of this discovery
making my tongue
so happy
that it begins dancing
with itself
inside of you
just like Billy Idol,
my tongue
having a dance party
deep in your pussy
like it’s on the floor
of Tokyo,
or down in the London town
to go, go,
just a’dancing
with itself,
moving around
inside of you
feeling completely free
and liberated,
         this whole time
your clit
silently getting
knowing her time
is coming
and finally realizing
my tongue’s plans of
complete and total
clitoral devastation.
The dance party
in your pussy will end
but the after party
hasn’t even begun
My tongue will slide
outta you
and it will head
I will pop the hood
that your clit
hides under
with my hand
so she is entirely
and so I can see her
look at me
with frightened eyes.
I will smile
because she is so
I will lean in
and kiss her,
         softly at first,
as if reassuring her
that everything
is okay,
         as if trying to
lull her to sleep
with the delicacy
of my fat, pouting
         once I’ve lulled your clit
         into a false state
         of security,
I will begin sucking
on her,
         like a weak Hoover
vacuum that hasn’t hit
the Hoover gym
in ages,
then gradually
applying more
sucking harder,
popping the hood back
even further with my hands
so I can really
get in there,
sucking harder,
and then just totally
         removing my lips
and tongue
from her
1 second,
2 seconds,
3 seconds,
letting cool air
run over her,
         completely contrasting
the heat
I was just smothering her
confusing her.
“Is that it?
         Is that all?”
she’ll ask herself,
and then I will blow
on her,
         a soft, refreshing
that blinds her
before I move back in
for the kill,
         licking her
the same way a kitten
licks milk
from a saucer,
soft, quick,
repeated licks,
rapid-fire licks,
hitting your clit over
and over
and over
and over
and over
and over
like the tiny, adorable
and perfect
speedbag she is.
My licks
gaining strength,
getting bigger
and stronger,
going even faster,
juking and jiving
like a boxer,
coming at her
and hitting her from all
         no longer just the tip
         of my tongue,
but now with the entire head
of my tongue,
         attacking her with perfect,
warm wetness,
         running itself over her
and again,
never letting up,
only hitting harder,
only going faster,
beating your clit
into beautiful
your clit throbbing,
Do you know what
a city looks like
when its power rapidly
flickers on and off
during the night
before a power outage?
That’s what
your clit
feels like,
either shorting out
or shorting in
but my tongue never
giving her the chance
to figure out
which one,
         only continuing to move
over her tirelessly,
finding the rhythm
she likes,
the rhythm
she needs
and then
sticking to it,
strumming the rhythm
over her
like your clit is
a guitar
and like my tongue
is the guitar pick,
strumming her
over and over
and over
making music,
making her sing,
making her moan,
making her begin
to scream,
strumming, strumming, strumming, strumming, strumming
with my tongue…
making her feel like
a city
ready to explode,
lights flickering
on and off,
power going in
and out,
so close…
         so close…
so close to complete
and total
clitoral devastation…
a beautiful bombing,
a tiny, city
under the relentless attack
of my tongue,
this is it,
         the end is near,
achieving complete
and total
clitoral devastation,
complete warmness
draping itself over you
like a heavy blanket,
your knees weak,
         your head totally
                   floating off of your neck
                   like a balloon,
feeling both life
and death right
in-between your legs,
complete and total
clitoral devastation
(wipes sweat from
So yeah,
that’s why I wanna live
in-between your
So I can lick
your pussy
all the time.
And your asshole
is there
But that’s a whole,
other poem


(And who is Calvero? He is a writer/crazy cat guy extraordinaire. He writes frequently and when he isn’t writing he is more often than not eating Taco Bell, daydreaming about hunting ghosts, daydreaming about Taco Bell when he’s not eating Taco Bell, working at a cat hospital, or screaming in frustration at whatever video game he’s currently addicted to. He has appeared in numerous online literary journals and is the author of the poetry collections “someday i’m going to marry Katy Perry,” “i want love so great it makes nicholas sparks cream in his pants”:  University of Hell Press, and the ebook “i won’t be happy until the sun is unhappy” :Thought Catalog. Now you know.)


December 16, 2018

Blades of grass stuck on our elbows, a hose of water trickling around a statue in the dirt. Do you understand? We’re almost fucking but we’re not. We’re all tongue. We’re all tongue down the glass, mouth open and taking. No, we’re not. We’re wasted on memory tonight. We’re fucking memories.

Lisa Marie Basile

hearing your little moans

October 7, 2018

do you want to know what i’ve been thinking about, kitten?

i’ve been thinking about spreading you open on my fingers, petting your wet, swollen pussy and hearing your little moans.

you let me lean down to taste you, angel? do you want my tongue on your clit, just the way you like, licking you so sweetly?

you look so pretty on your back, legs spread wide like a good girl.