ancient powers

October 27, 2019

As a child, playing, I imagined I had super powers. Then one day, suddenly, unexpectedly, I realised that such powers were ‘real’! And I had them!

It was a truly amazing moment!

This realisation had grown from distant, long buried memories of ancient powers that all women possessed. Something biological, I felt it to be. Something passed from generation to generation, mother to daughter. Now, this discovery of an ancient truth transformed my life. One day I was a child at play, the next a Shaman-ess with growing awareness of my inherent power.


Becoming a Witch

October 26, 2019

Fuck your karma, I don’t need it! I’ve descended the dark chasm of self, glimpsed the chaos of ego, and returned to the light. I’ve reached for the moon and stars, whispering the secret words I learned from them. My chaos is now controlled. My self is a spear of pure power. I own the darkness. I’ve become the dream you never want to meet, and I wear each of my scars like badges of honour. Yes, I have changed – mutated, if you will. Become a living, breathing manifestation of the Goddess. Hathor, Isis, Aphrodite are one with me. I am volcanic. I have power and I’m not afraid to use that power – so beware. For I am the fertility of the Earth and of the Goddess, celebrating the cycles of seasons. I am Alpha and Omega: woman and witch, overflowing with holy rage. So, again, Beware, I say.


lustrous innocence

August 13, 2019

And why is it that sea is the sole element that dream can’t transform? Its translucency remains intact in the dark, in lustrous innocence.

Etel Adnan
Sea and Fog


August 11, 2019

He turned me into an object and I turned him into a god. How sick is that?

Letitia V Gekoski
Little worms


July 6, 2019

In everyone’s life there are moments when unexpectedly, for no apparent reason, a door that has been shut suddenly cracks open, a trellised window, only just lowered, goes up, a sharp, seemingly final ‘no’ becomes a ‘perhaps’, and in that second the world around us is transformed…

Nina Berberova
The Revolt

15th August

So he enters her bedroom through that impossible two way mirror. She’s not there but he finds a mannequin that looks like her and dresses it in a flowing white bridal gown. He utters the words that make them husband and wife, and consummates their union on her untidy bed. Afterwards he takes her to the cemetery on the edge of the moor. It is the happiest day of his life.

‘I think of you,’ he says, ‘at midnight each and every night.’

He takes her in his arms and they begin to dance to the music playing inside his head. He is overcome with passion, and he has her there, bending her over a tombstone and thrusting into her.

She is like a woman from another time. She awakens so many different emotions in him. She has the soft smell of a child about her, and he whispers words of love into her tangled hair as he cums up her.

He loves her, every atom, every particle. Squeezing her breasts through her bridal gown and gently kissing the back of her neck. But she doesn’t respond. She lays quite silent and still over the tombstone, like a woman in some other person’s dream –

Then he wakes.


The creative artist is much better equipped to exploit the obscure sources of myth, magic and ritual surrounding us than any ‘academic’ writing down pure ‘facts’. Contact with the sacred in nature may effect a transformation in our ways of ‘seeing’. The visible and the invisible and the veil between become momentarily transparent to assist in our enlightenment. It is possible for the creative artist to live in both worlds at once. To live inside and outside of time. The trackless, sheep-wandered moorland beyond my window suggests power, joy, growth – and the possibility of transformation. Here, it is easy to believe, is Pan’s playground, his kingdom, and that he waits, a bodiless shadow, to brutally ravish some innocent female out walking his domain without due care.

One should always propitiate the Gods with an appropriate sacrifice.

his transformation…

June 8, 2016


She’d learned to live with him, with his transformation. Yes, it was if Einar were on a perpetual track of transformation, as if these changes — the mysterious blood, the hollow cheeks, the unfulfilled longing — would never cease, would lead to no end. And when she thought about it, who wasn’t always changing? Wasn’t everybody always turning into someone new?

David Ebershoff

The Danish Girl

Circe’s Power

February 27, 2016


I never turned anyone into a pig.
Some people are pigs; I make them
look like pigs.

I’m sick of your world
that lets the outside disguise the inside. Your men weren’t bad men;
undisciplined life
did that to them. As pigs,

under the care of
me and my ladies, they
sweetened right up.

Then I reversed the spell, showing you my goodness
as well as my power. I saw

we could be happy here,
as men and women are
when their needs are simple. In the same breath,

I foresaw your departure,
your men with my help braving
the crying and pounding sea. You think

a few tears upset me? My friend,
every sorceress is
a pragmatist at heart; nobody sees essence who can’t
face limitation. If I wanted only to hold you

I could hold you prisoner.

Louise Gluck


February 3, 2016


Early on it was uncomfortable.
Patches of rough skin thickened on my back
and spread quickly like psoriasis.
I took a few heavy steps
as my clothes tattered into chains of ivy
round my legs. I was thirsty, thirsty.
The tips of my fingers forked and forked again,
shivered into leaf.

A hot singing in the soles of my feet,
then the splintering of roots
like new teeth. I welcomed the pain
because it meant they were through.
They knew their own purpose,
snaking into the earth
and dragging up water.

No more sense in movement,
in searching and striving
and all that truthless speech and touch.
Just simple encounters:
birds making casual use of my branches,
sheep coming to me for shelter.

Nothing to get done
but to suck in light,
translate it into green.

Jean Sprackland

Feminization Friday

January 22, 2016

“I know it’s a lot to take in. Of course, it’s much easier to accomplish if you have a submissive man to begin with, but even the more macho males will be taken down a few notches once they are wearing soft frilly panties under their jeans…”

Satin submissions

“”We can go shopping together and you can spend as much as you like on sexy lingerie and little outfits. You’re going to be such a pretty gurl now…”

Ms Sherborne


“No, please…I’m male, not female. Oh God, please don’t…”

Matilda Murdoch
Wife’s little Sissy: forced feminization for her new hubbyFriday_forced_fem4

“You’re a girl now sweetheart, you’re a girl now,” her voice in his ear. And soon waves of pleasure shook through his body and he could no longer hold back. Lightly touching himself through his silken panties, he had a tremendous orgasm…

Taboo Tales: Colin to Collette
Olivia Heart

“I knew from the moment we first met,” she said. “You were a guy who craved to be a gurl. You were in denial, but you needed frills and lace and greedy cock…”

Thomas Lynn
The Wife’s Underwear – a true confession

“You’ll learn. You’re going to be my bitch. I’ll dress you up in my underwear and clothes, and give you false breasts so you can act all pretty and sexy. I get off on that. I get off on the thought that you’re my little sissy bitch and men will come here and have you like a whore and you’ll just take it. Because that’s what I tell you to do. That’s what your mistress wants…”

Sadie Sue
Training your Sissy