It’s been a year.

I still fantasize regularly about cutting off your penis and ball sac…

True Wife Confession

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I love my husband. And I’m having an affair. At first I didn’t think I was – my husband and I found another couple attractive, then found out over many months they might be the kind that “switch” (they were), and one party led to another.

Turns out he and I are attracted, my husband and his wife aren’t.

We started an email, text, phone call relationship for 6 months. We had sex a few weeks ago for the first time and it was unbelievable. Today my husband asked if I’d had sex with him. I told him “no”. He was glad, he doesn’t want me to be with him. That makes it really wrong, doesn’t it?

I love my husband so much. I can’t imagine a better man, best friend, so perfect. He has ED. What do I do? I’m so confused, I want my BF but I think I need to hear the truth. Am I wrong? I love my husband and deny him nothing, he just can’t perform. I’m young, not that young, young enough to really enjoy sex but old enough to know I only have a few precious years left.

True Wife Confession

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Dear Husband,

When I went away a few months ago to visit my girlfriend, I did. But I spent all of the nights with another man in my hotel room. It wasn’t what I’d planned on. I’d talked to him some before, there were certainly sexual undertones, but I never dreamed either of us would cross that line. We didn’t sleep together, but we came awfully close. He took me to dinner. He paid my taxi fare. He made me feel beautiful, sexy and absolutely like the only woman in the room.

And I realized on my way home that I didn’t feel bad for lying in his arms, and not yours. I realized that this man made me feel inheritantly female. And you stopped after our child was born. You don’t like the way I look. You tell me if I would only lose this or that, change this or that, you’d want to sleep with me again.

This man ran his hands all over my body, past the imperfections, and made my world spin madly around.

He is asking me to fly back out, but I am refusing.

I still want that feeling with you.

True Wife Confession

suck of your lolly

Before our divorce I always told you that it was never you; that it was me. Guess what? It was totally you. Oh, and by the way, I apparently do like sucking cock. Just not yours.

True Wife Confession