impoverishing rhetoric…

October 12, 2016


Diary 11th / 12th October

Here I sit surrounded by a world full of poverty and ‘consumer egoism’, the all-powerful media, ineffectual or misused state power, increasing ethnic hatred, and an almost total lack of vision on the part of politicians and their advisors everywhere. I think I’d be forgiven for calling this uninspiring epoch exhausting and somewhat joyless.

Ours is a time of mindless squandering of resources, impoverishing rhetoric and ideological corruption – especially in the USA, where upper and middle class youth take on the clothes, music and language of the urban poor. And a plump demigod, with the wealth of a junior Croesus, is vying bitterly for the Imperial thrown in Washington DC, a man who would be Emperor/President, and who will probably live in memory as the greatest wall builder since the Emperor Hadrian.


And if that wasn’t enough, the local Chinese takeaway have upped all their feckin’ prices!

‘Why,’ I asked. ‘Why when inflation is so damn low, do you wallop ten percent on your prices?’

‘Ah,’ came the inscrutable response, ‘Britexit! Everything go up! Big expert say so on teevee!’


D’you think Donald Trump should be the first man on the Sun?


You are supposed to eat pussy until she tries pushing your face away because she’s cum too many times…And that’s when you’re s’posed to hold her hands away and continue eating until you see her soul leave her body – or until the neighbours complain about those loud orgasmic screams.

After that you can buy her a takeaway…Maybe pizza or an Indian because the Chinese has gone up in price? You’ve got to budget carefully…


Watched the second Trump and Clinton debate (Yeah, I should get a life, I really should) on TV. Not really a debate. Very little about policy. When Trump talked about scrapping Obama care, he got lost on what he’d replace it with…Basically nothing. It’d be a case of market forces rule. Okay.

Trump could be renamed Mr. Pecksniff (after the Dickens’ character). It’s what he does all the time: peck and sniff. He gave me the impression of a writhing, scheming man almost at the end of his tether. He appologised for his ill-considered remarks about his multiple sexual assaults on women. It was ‘locker room’ banter, he said. He was lying then, but he’s telling the truth now. Yeah, right. He’s a great respecter of women, he claimed. Then spent the rest of the evening denigrating Clinton, a woman.


Wouldn’t want him to get lonely on that trip to the Sun. Kim Jong-un (affectionately known as ‘Little Fat Fuck’ by the people around him) could keep Donald company on his star trip. Between them they could share the honour of being the first men on the Sun!