After Dead Souls

December 15, 2016


Where O America are you
going in your glorious
automobile, careening
down the highway
toward what crash
in the deep canyon
of the Western Rockies,
or racing the sunset
over Golden Gate
toward what wild city
jumping with jazz
on the Pacific Ocean!

Allen Ginsberg

Young couple standing by lake holding hands

It’s a funny old world. In the States a couple fooling around on a public beach face a 15-year prison sentence each (see Here), and now America’s most prestigious legal body is considering changes to the Moral Penal Code that would make holding hands in public a criminal offence, unless the guy or girl obtained prior consent (In writing, in triplicate?).

If the girl / guy’s behavior has been “passive – neither expressly inviting nor rebuking the defendant’s sexual advances (i.e. handholding), that behavior cannot be considered sufficient to show affirmative permission.”

And permission can’t be requested retrospectively! It must be sought and granted before any hand-to-hand contact!

Feckin’ hell!

You take hold of your girl’s hand in the market and a cop sees you, boy, you’re in deep shit! You’ll face jail time if these changes go ahead (see Here).

And this, boys & girls, in a country where armed gangs of killers stalk the streets (see Here), where violent and drug related crime seems out of control. Unable to get to grips with these problems, US lawmakers turn their attention to hand-holding in public!

You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Perhaps it’s something in all those beef burgers?

Oh, well, back to work.