Kinky Sunday Gangbang

October 13, 2019

She didn’t look very comfortable trussed up like that, the woman in red. Her legs were spread impossibly wide and we could see the straining gusset of her stripy white and black panties. She had tattoos on her ankles, calves and thighs. Her hubby had used duct tape to gag her, to trap any complaint or hint of compliance on her part – although everyone knew she was very compliant as this was, after all, her fantasy.

‘Okay,’ said hubby. ‘Who wants to have her first?’

Six men immediately raised their hands.

‘In that case, you’re going to have to cut cards for her. Don’t worry we’ve got all day. You can have her as many times as you want…’

A pack of playing cards was produced.

‘Each of you take a card. Highest card wins. Then form a queue highest card to lowest. Just push her panties to one side and you’ll have access to everything you’re likely to need…’