An unusual problem

September 22, 2019

When you are giving your boyfriend oral in the car and realise that his penis tastes exactly the same as your best friend’s vagina – only you can’t say anything because you don’t want anyone to know that you LOVE to lick out vaginas. After all a vagina is like a good restaurant – the best food is always served there, right?

In treating of this matter I must first premise that by paederasty I mean actual sodomy as defined by British law – immissio penis in corpus vivum.

Arse makes life golden, want of it dull yellow; The rest is only leather and prunella.

At least, the rest is but preliminaires. An acute observer of my acquaintance remarked to me recently that it was the actual mess caused by emission, and the necessity of cleaning it up, that, by allowing time for passion to cool, prevented a great deal of
copulation which would otherwise take place. There is a great gulf fixed between the ‘short time’ and the ‘all night’, and that great gulf is filled with Condy’s Fluid! This applies equally to Sodomy. If the semen is safely bestowed in mouth or anus of the beloved one, the temptation is to begin all over again; bar the trifle of fatigue, one is in the same position as at first; its loss between the legs or in the hand rouses a sentiment of disgust which is fatal to passion. Even the mouth, like the vagina, remains in a somewhat greasy condition after it has achieved the holy task, and we have no hesitation in plumping the anus as the one vase into which the
perfumed oil of manhood may be poured without exciting a reaction.

Aleister Crowley

Such wonderful things in life can start with a cup of coffee –


Commanding and adept your hands guide mine alone supple lips.
She tastes of cinnamon.
She squirms but cannot move.
She is not afraid.
Our hands grasp her neck.
Tonight she belongs to us
With every gasp she moans.
My mouth is quivering, thinking about tasting her.
I search for her thighs from my satin darkness.
They are warm, wet, and inviting like the ocean
she tastes of salt and sunshine.
My tongue glides over her vagina , slowly, tenderly as our body heat rises and
then crack goes the cat o’ nine.
She cannot breathe and I cannot see yet there has been no greater ecstasy.

R A Lee

My Kink

Your eyes are my bondage.
Your kiss leaves me breathless.
Your fingers are my toys.
I submit my body and my heart
For your abuse or adoration.
With you the red bag stays zipped.
Don’t you dare give me a blindfold
Don’t you dare gag my mouth
Don’t put leathers between us.
Only one thing does it for me.
Call it a fetish or call it love.
I just want you.

Hannah Dubrow


What are you going to do,
When you become the wicked?
The sick.
The twisted.
When you can’t manipulate your little girls?
When I get sick of this unrewarding lifestyle,
Living for your word?
What are you going to do,
When you become the wicked?

What are you going to do,
When you lose me?
What girl would still take you?
After all,
All you do is compare her to me.

The wicked,
That’s you.
The submissive,
That’s me.

I’m all you’ve looked for,
I’m the kind of sex you need.

Jacquelyn Audrey Whiston

My Dungeon

build for me a dungeon
let its walls be grim
use me there and often
and keep me locked within

in that darkest prison
you may use me to the full
keep your chains upon me
so I may know their pull

make for me a cage there
for extra close confine
where chill of steel can touch me
and pleasure be refined

keep your whip well oiled there
that I may feel its curl
while I hang in helpless torment
and my mind is in a whirl

let my mind be lost there
where only I may go
to know your deepest caring
while held in suff’ring’s throes

for there I’ll find my heartsease
as your willing prisoner
where bonds will hold you to me
and never let you go

Francesca Anderssen

To Be Powerful

On my knees
Legs pressed together
You hold my wrists
Above my head
With one hand
Lips parted
Tongue working
Face buried
In your free hand

I lick your palm
I taste your salt

Is everyone nervous
Their first time?

I lap it up
You cup your hand
Shove it in my face

“Tell me you love it”
“Tell me how much
You fucking love it”

This is a game we play
On Tuesday nights when we
Are too broke to eat out at my
Favourite Thai restaurant.

If I’m a good girl
You will pat my head
Kiss my cheek

Catalina Lopez


October 22, 2017

I’d like to think that I took my own virginity
One tired night in my closet with my vibrating toothbrush
I told Marques that he was my first
Along with Caleb
and Alex
and Francisco
and Ashlyn
Even when I was 13 and I discovered the wonder that was (and is)
my vagina, I figured that my virginity should be mine.
My vagina is special to me.
It grants me the delicious explosion if I talk to it just right
I fall in love with myself a little more each time I caress it.
The bond that I have with my vagina will never be broken.
My virginity is in fact

Olive Waverly

my beautiful Yoni

October 15, 2017

yoni steaming for you

Warm steam arises from a sweet crevasse beneath me. It gently warms my yoni and invites her so sweetly to open. Like a rose petal, blossoming, she awakens and becomes receptive to the medicine that is entering her. Sacred flowers and herbs, meticulously picked and boiled for this ancient ritual. Time taken from my modern day swirl to drop in…to be…to breathe. Space allowed to focus all my attention on my beautiful Yoni (ancient Hindu word for ‘sacred womb gateway, vagina’).

Some go to church, yoga, dance…I go to my Yoni Temple every Sunday morning and pray. I have made this ceremony apart of my weekly regime (excluding moon-time) and set aside this sacred space to Remember and Honour my own and the Great Cosmic Womb, which births and creates All into being.

Alila Grace
Eleven reasons why steaming your Yoni will change your life




lineup of vaginas…

September 18, 2015


If someone asked me to pick out my own vagina’s mug shot out of a lineup of vaginas, I’d be helpless. And probably concerned about what exactly my vagina had been doing that constituted a need for its own mug shot.

Jenny Lawson
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir

So now we know…

May 31, 2015