A Coven And How To Form One

February 20, 2015


As regards environment, whenever you wish to perform an operation of witchcraft solo, all you basically need is a corner of your own home, the only prerequisite being privacy and a modicum of soundproofing. The latter is required not so much as a precaution against the neighbour’s objecting to your noise, but rather as a further aid to the discarding of inhibitions, which is of such primary importance in all magic.

However if you wish to gather a larger group of likeminded friends around you for regular witchcraft sessions, then of course you will need a larger space to operate in…Apart from the more obvious aspects of companionship and mutual enjoyment of the practices, the formation of a group or coven…brings with it certain advantages not present in the solo approach.

It is well known among practitioners of the occult arts that a magical operation performed by a group will often succeed spectacularly, whereas a solo effort may achieve only moderate success…Members (of the group) must be fully, and practically, conversant with the four powers of the witches pyramid…If enough pyramid power is brought to (the group) and tied in place by sufficient emotional rapport among the members, witches believe that a pool or vortex of energy begins to form, which, if sustained by regular performance of a ritual, not only becomes an “energy bank” upon which the members can draw to supplement their personal resources, but also an artificially constructed collective deep mind, independent in its own right!

The total number of members to a coven is traditionally limited to anywhere up to thirteen, inclusive of the leaders…In Goddess-oriented covens, with their concentration on the sexual aspects of witchcraft, the groups is ideally made-up of six male-female couples and the leader.

Paul Huson
Mastering Witchcraft