Then it happened.

At the touch of the purple juice the little broomstick gave a leap, a violent twist, a kick like the kick of a pony. Instinctively Mary clung to it, but it had twisted between her legs, and she fell.

But she never reached the ground.

For as she tipped forward, clinging along the handle of the little besom, with the head of twigs between her knees, the broomstick reared, shook itself violently, and then soared up towards the treetops with a swish like the rustle of a little wind.

And as it tore past the upper boughs, with Mary clinging for dear life to the handle, there was a scream and a crackle of twigs, and, with paws stretched like a flying squirrel, Tib flung himself out of the lime tree and on to the back of the besom. The broomstick jerked slightly under the impact, and then tore on, up, straight as a spear, towards the sagging clouds.

Mary Stewart
The Little Broomstick

A meeting of witches

June 25, 2020

The witch’s cat. And what I could hear, what the light betrayed, beckoning into the deep wood, was a meeting of witches. The sabbath of the local coven. I knew it…Here Hodge, the cat, leaped out from the windowsill into the darkness. And I, reaching to catch him, for the leap was too high even for a cat, overbalanced and fell.

I never reached the ground. Nor was it truly a fall. The wind, the sweep of the night air, sucked me out of the window and carried me up, up above the trees, as easily as if I had been a bird or a dead leaf. Round me the air felt as buoyant and resistant as water. I could control my passage, almost as if swimming. I shook my head and my hair flew out in the race of air. I opened my lips and felt the flood of my own passing. Ecstasy was in every pore, every hair. This was power and glory. Whatever was required, it was worth it for this.

Mary Stewart

they have no fear

January 21, 2020

Witches, like saints, are solitary stars that shine with a light of their own; they depend on nothing and no one, which is why they have no fear and plunge blindly into the abyss with the assurance that instead of crashing to earth, they will fly back out. They can change into birds and see the world from above, or worms to see it from within, they can inhabit other dimensions and travel to other galaxies, they are navigators on an infinite ocean of consciousness and cognition.

Isabel Allende

beautiful women are bad

January 2, 2020

A farmer wants his son to be afraid of beautiful women, so that he will not leave home too soon, so he tells a story about how one drowned his brother’s cousin’s friend in a lake, not because he was a pig who deserved to be drowned, but because beautiful women are bad, and also witches. And it doesn’t matter that she didn’t ask to be beautiful, or to be born in a lake, or to live forever, or to not know how men breathe until they stop doing it.

Catherynne M. Valente

the moon and lunar power

November 21, 2019

The contemporary image of the witch incorporates detritus from many religious sects over many millennia. Like the wall of a Crusader castle in the middle East, it rests upon a foundation of remnants from a variety of periods. Like Hecate and Diana, the witch is associated with the moon and lunar power. Like Aphrodite and Venus, she can make love potions and fly through the air. Each attribute of the witch once belonged to a goddess.

Erica Jong

Keep it sugar free

November 12, 2019

Did you know –

October 31, 2019

Did you think when you burnt us…when you put our flesh to the torch…watched the flames lick the skin from our bodies…that the wrath of our revenge would not return…that the atavistic vengeance of our anger would not resurface and return to destroy your own Souls reincarnated in the same pallid flesh which light Souls always regenerate in…fools…pale fools with minds chained by morality and orthodox hatred…a new Dark Age is upon you, the world is becoming enveloped in uncertainty and chaos…and this is only the beginning of your torment, of our retribution…when set light to the Daughters of Satan…when you hung the Daughters of Lilith…you murdered only the flesh…Our Spirits rose like the flames of the phoenix from our ashes and cursed you stagnant Creeds to damnation…that Curse is now beginning to manifest itself…and with those who now call themselves our Brothers shall aid us in the final vanquishing of your crumbling monarchies!

Brother Salem
666 Salem

true witches

October 23, 2019

The world needs more witches. Women who fly in their dreams, and who have decided to rid themselves of everyday labels and walk free. Woman who can laugh out loud and ignore the people who call them crazy – because they have renounced submission and merged with the natural world around them. Women who have left captivity and risen – now they will stop for no one, they are invincible and without doubt. They are transformed. They are true witches.



October 18, 2019

My sisters, we’re burning — but not in that fire!
The spiral’s at hand where we love, rule, and flower
Our world into life. It’s our time to inspire,
My sisters! We’re burning! But not in that fire —
Our witchy souls fly home to truth and desire —
We’re turning at last — in our own sacred power —
My sisters. We’re burning. But not in that fire!
The spiral’s at hand, where we love, rule, and flower.

Annie Finch