February 15, 2020

I only want to write. And there’s no college for that except life.

Dodie Smith
I Capture the Castle

his world and no other

April 2, 2019

Every great or even every very good writer makes the world over according to his own specifications. It’s akin to style, what I’m talking about, but it isn’t style alone. It is the writer’s particular and unmistakable signature on everything he writes. It is his world and no other. This is one of the things that distinguishes one writer from another. Not talent. There’s plenty of that around. But a writer who has some special way of looking at things and who gives artistic expression to that way of looking: that writer may be around for a time.

Raymond Carver
On Writing

write a poem

October 16, 2018

You should always be trying to write a poem you are unable to write, a poem you lack the technique, the language, the courage to achieve. Otherwise, you’re merely imitating yourself, going nowhere because that’s always easiest.

John Berryman
Quoted by Phil Levine in ‘a memoir piece for Ploughshares’

That Day

September 4, 2018

I will wait for that day
That day my pen will no longer write my wrongs
I will be set free from the bonds of my mind that day
The rage and sorrow inside will finally dissolve
And for that day I pray

Anthony Garcia

scared as hell

April 10, 2018

Get scared. It will do you good. Smoke a bit, stare blankly at some ceilings, beat your head against some walls, refuse to see some people, paint and write. Get scared some more. Allow your little mind to do nothing but function. Stay inside, go out – I don’t care what you do; but stay scared as hell. You will never be able to experience everything. So, please, do poetical justice to your soul and simply experience yourself.

Albert Camus
Notebooks 1951 – 1959