Understanding each other without speaking. Wonderful.

Four or five pints on a Friday night in the company of good friends is eminently satisfying –

I love moments of silent submission –

Her apple breasts 
Beneath her vest
Will taste the best

He’s sure…

The natural flow of wetness
He hopes to taste once more…

I love doughnuts –

And pizza –

Oh! and chocolate – food of the Gods! Ambrosia! Conferring immortality! Carried to us by clouds of doves –

I love bringing people together –

My love of Merlot is almost legendary. The amount I consume puts Dionysus to shame. It is the elixir of life –

Go bring to me a pint o wine,
And fill it in a silver tassie;
That I may drink, before I go,
A service to my bonie lassie…

Robbie Burns loved a drink too, eh?

Coffee, too, is essential for continued wellbeing.

I love people who daydream and talk to themselves; I love them because they are here, and yet elsewhere –

the sea licks the thighs of the earth
and the earth surrenders
in utter pleasure…


January 2, 2017


Diary 1st January

2017, and home again. Our Manor House break was terrific – we overindulged terribly. We eat, drank and made love to excess…compensated for this in part with long walks beside the Stroudwater canal. Fed the swans. Saw and photographed a female Sparrow hawk resting on an ancient tombstone in St Cyr’s churchyard. Played naughty smothering games, and as Rabelais says (in his prologue to the Tiers Livre):

Bon espoir y gist au fond.
Good hope lies at the bottom…

Wishing everyone a happy new year. May all your dreams come true in 2017.


December 11, 2016


powerful women 3

give him breakfast in bed

she taught me

She taught me to yodel

She taught me to yodel

With a big head’s up to Frank Ifield and the writers: Paul Roberts, Tom Emerson, and Esther van Sciver.

Strong women…

April 10, 2016



Keeping Control of Your Man

February 27, 2016


Control of your man.

To ensure complete submission the following should (as far as possible) be adhered to:

1. YOU must control his orgasms.
• You must get him to wear a chastity device, day and night.
• You should place him in this chastity device yourself, and only you should hold the key.
• Release him at your discretion – and only for teasing or milking his semen.

In this way at the very least you will stop him wanking whenever the mood takes him. For a man in a relationship with a woman, his wanking is an act of disrespect towards the woman. It also wastes his seed and dulls his stamina. It has to STOP!

2. Ownership of his cock requires the following:
• He should never have any kind of orgasm without your consent.
• If you feel he must have an orgasm…Ruin it! Totally spoil it for him, after at least two hours of edging his stiff cock (you can use your hands or feet for the “edging” while he “eats” you out).
• Remember, you can ruin several orgasms for him a day.
• Full orgasms should be reserved for very, very special occasions and must be considered a rare treat indeed (Birthdays, for example).
• If he’s been particularly good, or has reached a stage of total desperation, you may allow him to throw a dice determining how many orgasms he must give YOU before you let him cum.

3. Get inside his head.
• Understand his fantasies, and learn what “turns him on”.
• Tease him with your words whenever possible.
• Find out what he feels most humiliating.
• Use his humiliation whenever you feel in the mood.

4. Keep him sexually aroused.
• Talk dirty to him: be as crude as you possibly can.
• Tell him you’re going to make him do something humiliating to him.
• Fondle him frequently, or let him fondle you. Tease and play the whore with him.
• At home insist he’s nude at all times.
• Send him text messages at work with orders to do something sexual.
• Make him give you orgasms frequently. Cunnilingus morning and evening is a good starter. Or he may fuck you with a hollow dildo fastened over his cock – ensuring he feels no sensation at all, hence no stimulation during his performance.
• Ensure he comes to LOVE face sitting for you.

5. Humiliate him
• Make him wear a butt-plug every day for a minimum of two hours.
• Make him wear the plug to work for the day.
• Make him wear female underwear, panties, stockings, to his workplace, or on nights out
• Keep him naked while you’re clothed at home.
• Make him masturbate in front of you (he mustn’t cum).
• Always make him eat his own cum if and when he’s allowed an orgasm.
• Make him request your permission to go to the toilet.
• Order him to perform analingus on you for a set period of time.

6. Punish him often.
• Do a sensual striptease in front of him and laugh at his crushed cock in the chastity device as it tries to stiffen.
• Spank, paddle, or whip him.
• Force him to be your “toilet slave”
• Massage Deep Heat on his cock, balls, or around his anus.
• Make him do anything he hates.
• Call him your “bitch” or “Little whore”.
• Force him to go out “cross-dressed”.

7. Always find ways to tease him regardless of time or location.
• Fondle him through his pants in public (or in private).
• Whisper sexy or humiliating things in his ear.
• Make him shop for lingerie for you.
• Allow him a peek of your breasts inside your blouse, or an accidental “upskirt” view when you sit down (you’ll see the immediate affect this has on him, and will find yourself getting quite drunk on the power trip teasing him gives to you).

He will soon find that his relinquishing total control to you will result in your leading him far beyond wherever he thought his limits might have been. The combination of pain and control will be exquisite for him.

And for you? You’ll be able to luxuriate in your power over him…that incredible sense of total control, leaving you feeling higher than a kite. The power rush you get from this is sublime, totally sublime.