April 30, 2009

Un cuerpo en el asfalto
dos pieles deseosas de tacto
en el bar alguien se acerca con un beso en la mano
una joven corre seguida por perros blancos
adolescentes siniestros esperan el gran momento
una navaja se adentra, un cuerpo en el asfalto
gritos en la noche
la danza del viento eleva cuerpos, prendas, mugre
cuánta multiplicidad de actos.

Dos pieles deseosas de tacto se adentran
espejos invisibles hieren un cuerpo
un hombre trasnochado recorre un largo corredor
amenazado abre puertas
ellos en el lecho no vieron el alba
cuánta multiplicidad de actos, un círculo, un círculo de miedo.

En el bar la sensual se entrega al ritmo
desde la oscuridad alguien observa
espera el justo momento de asirla a su piel
ojos, ojos, lamparones en la noche
el vino se derrama en los manteles
los ebrios se buscan y se adentran
cuánta multiplicidad de actos, un cuerpo en el asfalto.

Perros blancos ansían la carne más pura
vapores indeseables recorren un barrio sin luz
una joven corre seguida por perros blancos
adolescentes siniestros fuman
tranquilamente a la sombra del frío
un centinela desde su banco hace siluetas de humo
perros blancos desgarran la carne más pura
un cuerpo en el asfalto, un círculo, un círculo de miedo.

Eugenia Sánchez Nieto



A body on the pavement
two skins desirous of being touched
in the bar someone comes near carrying a kiss
a young woman runs pursued by white dogs
sinister adolescents wait for the great moment
a jack knife stabs, a body on the pavement
shouts at night
the dance of the wind lifts up bodies, clothes, dust
such a variety of actions.

Two skins desirous of being touched get lost in thought
invisible mirrors wound a body
a haggard man goes along a long passage
threatened he opens doors
those in bed did not see the sunrise
such a variety of actions, a circle, a circle of fear.

In the bar the sensual woman surrenders herself to the rhythm
from a dark corner someone observes her
he waits for the right moment to grasp her
eyes, eyes, flashes at night
wine spilt on the tablecloths
the drunkards look for one another and then get lost
such a variety of actions, a body on the pavement.

White dogs yearn for the cleanest meat
undesirable vapours sweep over dark neighborhoods
a young woman runs pursued by white dogs
sinister adolescents smoke
calmly protected by the cold
a watchman on a bench makes smoke circles
white dogs tear up the cleanest meat
a body on the pavement, a circle, a circle of fear.

Had some unpublishable comments on the BNP post..no surprises there! It’s a funny old world; at times it has me buzzing round angry as a wasp with piles (sorry, make that hemorrhoids for the sake of the Political Correctness Police).

I speak out about events in Gaza; tell it as I see it, and immediately I’m an Anti-Semite and a Nazi. I write about problems in the Muslim community, and I’m a Racist, Anti-Muslim, whatever.

The truth is, this labeling is all a load of old bollocks (sorry, again, aging testicles). Individuals and groups use it as a form of attack, often when they themselves are in occupation of an untenable position, in order to obscure the real issues – which could be Israeli intransigence, or Muslim Jihad; the BNP or immigration into the UK. Whatever. Slop in a big dollop of “you are a racist / anti-Semite / communist / Nazi / conservative / Nulabour arse wipe (delete as applicable), and immediately you have “diverted” any argument from its original point.

So, for the sake impartiality, I thought I’d post this little gem (missed it earlier):

Labour Party Embroiled in Race Row after Candidate told she was “too White and Jewish” to be selected!

Mahmood Hussain (Labour Councilor) is alleged to have said “My Muslim members don’t want you because you are Jewish.”

Perhaps Mr. Hain would join with me in suggesting Nu-labour should be “confronted” over this, and wherever possible denied a “platform” to impart such messages of hate?

He wouldn’t?

No bloody surprise there, then!

I think its called positive discrimination?

Thought for the day

April 30, 2009

“In mirrors and especially in photographs, I notice that I have grown old. But it is what is young in me that notices it. It is a young man who sees an old one. He is amazed– without bitterness and with respect, the way youth regards old age among noble people (in China, for instance). My youth respects my old age. My old age protects my youth. That is why I am at peace.”

Jean Cocteau

What She Was Wearing

April 30, 2009

this is my suicide dress
she told him
I only wear it on days
when I’m afraid
I might kill myself
if I don’t wear it

you’ve been wearing it
every day since we met
he said

and these are my arson gloves

so you don’t set fire to something?
he asked


and this is my terrorism lipstick
my assault and battery eyeliner
my armed robbery boots

I’d like to undress you he said
but would that make me an accomplice?

and today she said I’m wearing
my infidelity underwear
so don’t get any ideas

and she put on her nervous breakdown hat
and walked out the door

Denver Butson


April 29, 2009

Each morning at the beach
people search the empty
stretches for treasure, reach

their hands in, pull peach
pits out and cans, empty
each one. Mourning the beach’s

lost promise, seagulls screech
for scraps of food, empty
stretch after stretch of treasure. Reach

and let go, says the tide, each
wave a wave of empti-
ness these mornings at the beach.

I learn to love the bleached
sand’s color, let my mind empty,
stretch. I let each want go, reach

up like a spinnaker to leach
light from the otherwise empty
sky. Each morning at the beach,
this open, outstretched reach.

Gwen Hart


April 29, 2009

On the day when
the weight deadens
on your shoulders
and you stumble,
may the clay dance
to balance you.

And when your eyes
freeze behind
the grey window
and the ghost of loss
gets in to you,
may a flock of colors,
indigo, red, green
and azure blue
come to awaken in you
a meadow of delight

When the canvas frays
in the boat of thought
and a stain of ocean
blackens beneath you,
may there come across the waters
a path of yellow moonlight
to bring you safely home.

May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
may the clarity of light be yours,
may the fluency of the ocean be yours,
may the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow
wind work these words
of love around you,
an invisible cloak
to mind your life.

Thought for the day

April 29, 2009

Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither

Benjamin Franklin

The BNP and Europe

April 29, 2009

The BNP is under attack yet again. Peter Hain says “we must fight them as we did the National Front in the 70s”. There’s little doubt in the minds of the majority, that the BNP support the concept “British Jobs For British Workers”. They are also the only political party to unequivocally state they would take Britain out of Europe.

Mr. Hain suggests: “that the BNP needs to be confronted wherever its supporters march or appear in public; and they must also be denied platforms to spread their hate.” In other words they should be denied the right to speak. He carefully adds: “Whenever they are ascendant (the BNP) locally, racial violence and racial hatred are barely beneath the surface.”

But we all know preaching messages to incite racial violence is illegal. It’s a crime. Any BNP candidate preaching such a message publicly would find him or herself facing arrest and prosecution. It’s interesting to note also, Mr. Hain’s claim that “racial violence and racial hatred are barely beneath the surface”. “Barely”? How does he determine, and measure the degree of this?

I should make it clear I’m not a supporter of the BNP or there racial policies.

Nor am I a supporter of anyone who seems to be suggesting that a political party should be “confronted” (I assume Mr. Hain’s means physically?) and then likens the BNP to Mosley’s Blackshirts, and explains they were “physically stopped”…which they were, by crowds estimated at 300,000 strong, during the Battle of Cable Street in October 1936. 10,000 police, 3,000 blackshirts. The police baton charged the anti-fascist crowds repeatedly. There were many broken heads, and much material damage. Is an incident of that magnitude what Mr. Hain is actually advocating?

If we ignore for the moment what may or may not be an attempt to incite violence against the BNP by Mr Hain, what facts are we left with?

BNP policies tend to be “leftish – although they are referred to as rightwing, presumably because of the racial issues and the exhibition of nationalism – certainly further to the left than Nu-Labour (centralised control, trade tariffs, state owned businesses, etc). They contain that seductive mantra “British Jobs for British Workers”…which rightly or wrongly is going to appeal to anyone who feels they have “missed out” because of the presence of “foreign nationals” etc. And they want to exit the EU.

When it comes down to basics Mr. Hain is bemoaning the fact that the BNP is kicking Nu-labour’s arse in the North West. They could win (and probably will) six seats in the EU parliamentary elections in June.

The problem for me is this – why, after years of Nu-labour policies, has the electorate turned to the BNP? By Mr. Hain’s own admission they were already doing well in the 2004 EU elections, and the 2006 local elections. So it’s not just a question of “credit crunch” and “employment” but something deeper – perhaps a growing sense of marginalization?

I don’t for one minute believe that individuals placing their X against a BNP candidate on election day are doing so because they’re inherently racist (although some may be). I believe they’re voting in this way, because they feel ignored, marginalized, and consequently politically powerless. And Mr. Hain, rather than address this issue (which is one of white middle class aspiration), would sooner the BNP be “confronted” and “denied platforms” to spread their message – which is anti-European!

Nu-labour promised a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty European Constitution. Gordon Brown in power changed his mind. Gordon Brown made a speech announcing “British Jobs for British Workers” (stealing some of the BNP’s thunder in the process), then turned round and claimed he didn’t mean that – no, he meant there’d be more training for British Workers to do British jobs.

I suspect bullshit like this, coupled with lies, coupled with enforced “politburo” multiculturalism, has led to a huge segment of the electorate saying enough is enough. It is extremely unlikely that Nu-labour will win as much as a single, that is a solitary, seat in the forthcoming EU elections. And this wound has been totally self-inflicted!

Civil Liberties Mashup

April 28, 2009

It’s not funny really, is it?