Angry Hippo….

July 29, 2009


Probably had trouble with his Tax Office, too?

Mermaid sighting…

July 28, 2009

Reproduced below a letter taken from the Naval Chronicle from Mr. William Munro, Schoolmaster, of Thurso, Caithness to Dr. Thorrence, regarding a Mermaid he’d seen:

Thursday, June 9, 1809

Dear Sir,

Your queries respecting the Mermaid are before me. From the general
scepticism which prevails among the learned and intelligent about the existence
of such a phenomenon, had not your character and real desire for investigation
been too well known to me, for supposing that you wished to have a fertile
imagination indulged by a subject of merriment, I would have been disposed to
have concluded, that in this instance you aimed at being ranked among the
laughing philosophers, at my expense. Sensible, however, that this is not the
case, and taking it for granted that you are sincere, I shall endeavour to
answer your queries, though there is little probability that any testimony which
I can give respecting the Mermaid, will operate towards convincing those who
have not hitherto been convinced by the repeated testimonies adduced in support
of the existence of such an appearance.

About twelve years ago, when I was parochial schoolmaster at Reay, in the course of my walking on shore of Sandside Bay, being a fine warm day in summer, I was induced to extend my walk towards Sandside Head, when my attention was arrested by the appearance of a figure, resembling an unclothed human female, sitting upon a rock, extending into the sea, and apparently in the action of combing its hair, which flowed around its shoulders, and of a light brown colour. The resemblance which the figure bore to its prototype, in all its visible parts, was so striking, that had not the rock on which it was sitting been dangerous for bathing, I would have been constrained to have regarded it as really an human form, and to any eye unaccustomed to the situation, it must have undoubtedly appeared as such.

The head was covered with hair of the colour above mentioned, and shaded on
the crown; the forehead round, the face plump, the cheeks ruddy, the eyes blue,
the mouth and lips of a natural form, resembling those of a man; the teeth I could
not discover, as the mouth was shut; the breasts and abdomen, the arms and
fingers of the size of a full grown body of the human species; the fingers, from
the action in which the hands were employed, did not appear to be webbed,
but as to this I am not positive. It remained on the rock three or four minutes
after I observed it, and was exercised during that period in combing its hair,
which was long and thick, and of which it appeared proud, and then dropping
into the sea, which was level with the abdomen, from whence it did not
reappear to me.

I had a distinct view of its features, being at no great distance on an
eminence above the rock on which it was sitting, and the sun brightly shining. Immediately before its getting into its natural element, it seemed to have
observed me, as the eyes were directed towards the eminence on which I stood.
It may be necessary to remark, that previous to the period I beheld this object,
I had heard it frequently reported by several persons, and some of them persons
whose veracity I never heard disputed, that they had seen such a phenomenon
as I have described, though then, like many others, I was not disposed to credit
their testimony on this subject. I can say of a truth, that it was only by seeing the
phenomenon I was perfectly convinced of its existence.

If the above narrative can in any degree be subservient towards establishing the
existence of a phenomenon, hitherto almost incredible to naturalists, or to
remove the scepticism of others who are ready to dispute everything which they
cannot fully comprehend, you are welcome to it, from dear Sir, your most
obliged, and most humble servant.”


Idea on education….

July 27, 2009



People are strange, ain’t they? One man’s ecological disaster, is another man’s high point!


Bin travellin’ round, so I’m late with this – but according to the Scottish Daily Express many Councils have recruited “Bin police”…snoopers whose job it is to look inside your dustbin or rubbish sack! On the 22nd July apparently one local authority spent £70,000 for two “dawn raids” in North Wiltshire to analyse and record the content of wheelie bins…bet they’re going to put the Council Tax up too!

Andy Conn, of Wiltshire Council, said: “It is very useful to see how much waste of whatever kind is being thrown away…” well, Andy, I’ve couriered a black rubbish sack from my kitchen for your perusal – free of any charge – you don’t even have to thank me!

Fantastic Video Clip

July 27, 2009


Thought for the day

July 27, 2009

“The question of evil refers primarily to the anaesthetized heart, the heart that has no reaction to what it faces, thereby turning the variegated sensuous face of the world into monotony, sameness, oneness.”

James Hillman

The love that I have

July 27, 2009

The love that I have
Of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours. A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause. For the peace of my years
In the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours

Leo Marks

salvation is in the warm fur
salvation is in the sweet meat
salvation is in the liquid blood
let us praise debauchery
with veneration let us speak the names
Tais Fryne and Judith the Jewish streetwalker

the future of the world is in our arms
oh it is in our hot arms
in our thighs desirous shameless
in our fertile breasts
with veneration let us speak the names
of Tais Fryne and Judith the Jewish streetwalker

in the boundless space wobbles the earth
out to the sun it holds the grass rootstocks
men root deep underground
with the blind snouts of moles
and we —
wisdom is in our arms
salvation is in the sweet meat
of Tais Fryne and Judith the Jewish streetwalker

Halina Poświatowska