one BIG toe-curling orgasm

December 3, 2022

Tonight I’m driving my clit crazy with a vibrator, pressing and rubbing it against the head as my big glans soaks up the vibrations.  I can feel my pussy contracting and my clit shaft bobbing up and down, and my vulva is soaking wet.  I want to make the pleasure from my big throbbing clit last as long as possible, but at the same time, I really want to cum!! I think orgasms are a combination of mental and physical and what makes you cum most is different for everyone, and sometimes I’m left asking my body “that was all?”, but for me, it seems like having a large and exposed clitoral head helps me to have multiple orgasms.  When I feel the beginning of an orgasm coming, I press down and rub my glans, and although it varies from day to day, on some days, if I keep rubbing at the same speed and pressure, I cum over and over until my clit is too sensitive to touch any more. Other times, I just have one BIG toe-curling orgasm with lots of “waves,” which is great too…

Nini Forrests – Ninikit’s Naughty Experiments

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