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December 25, 2015



December 25, 2015

Sex party

I bought some sensual body armor from Forever 21
It was only $19.80 which was a good deal since it showed off my shoulder blades
I read that shoulder blades were a party ‘do’

I don’t know how I became so afraid of everyone
There would be a few funny people at the party
Everyone would be nice
A couple would be kind

I drank just enough before to put me in a state of eerie exuberance
where I would be in control
and might say something so quietly witty that guests would remember it when
they were doing something meaningless- like watering flowers
They would laugh to themselves and mouth, “I couldn’t understand then, I don’t
understand now”

I smeared beets across my parched lips-such comments deserve a vessel that is
strikingly colorful, but natural and accessible

I put my best star spangled stilettos on and wondered if I would be the one to make the toast
“To love and lust and losing your head” I’d say
All the starry eyed battalions would laugh
I’d wonder how I was ever afraid of a few of the helplessly underdressed
who loved seeing the glaze of Mayfair almost as much as me

They’re still waiting on that toast
There are things I probably shouldn’t laugh at
But I don’t know what they are

Chelsea Callas

(Chelsea Callas is 24 years old and from Portland, Oregon. She has a BA in English from the University of Oregon. Although she’s been writing for years, she only recently began submitting her work for publication).

a thing unheard of…

December 25, 2015


“You want a sign? A proof ? I have thought of just such a thing and I would have proposed it myself had one of you not asked for it. The thing must be visible to all of you, something that I can demonstrate, a thing unheard of, an act all men consider impossible and yet I will do it. Listen to me.

“You have all seen the jellyfish called the Bishop’s Miter. When it is magnified three hundred times under the microscope it looks like a small balloon with a large opening at one end. It propels itself through the water by the flagellate movement of its cilia. The walls are translucent and transparent. At the top there are two specialized groups of nerve cells which we believe may serve as eyes. The opening at the bottom serves as a mouth. Smaller cells enter there and are absorbed. I describe it to refresh your memory, though you have all seen it. I will secure one in a hanging drop under the microscope and then we will attach the camera and cinema to it. We will project the picture on our screen. You will see the Miter move and live; you will observe the cilia move.

“While we have the actual specimen under observation I will look at it through the microscope. Then I will demonstrate to you that I am not the idle boaster you think me. I will force myself to pass through the glass eye-piece down into the brass tube. As I go, I will make myself grow smaller. Finally I will pass through the objective and jump into the hanging drop. I will swim in that drop— swim up to the jellyfish and touch it, make actual observations concerning its structure and functions.

While I am in the drop of water you will be able to observe my every motion on the screen: Then I will disappear, pass through the microscope upwards and finally resume my original size and position in the room. I presume that if I do this you will be satisfied.”

David H Keller
The Jelly Fish

Realms that belong to God

December 25, 2015


Animals have been front and centre in another of the twentieth century’s controversial scientific achievements, genetic engineering. From the cloning of Dolly the sheep to the production of strains of mice genetically engineered to exhibit such human traits as baldness, obesity, and propensities for various cancers, and even the creation of a glow-in-the-dark rabbit, scientists have been able to modify the genetic code of myriad plants and animals for the perceived benefit of society. Disease resistant wheat and vitamin-enriched rice may reduce starvation and malnutrition in Third World countries, but in many industrialised nations such genetically modified foods are viewed with suspicion at best, and through conspiracy theory lenses at worst. One of the most vocal opponents has been Britain’s Prince Charles, who accused genetic engineering of taking us into “realms that belong to God and God alone.” A 2010 poll of 3000 Americans found that 93% felt that genetically modified food should be labelled as such and only 38% expressed a willingness to eat genetically modified meat products.38 Such uncertainties are reflected in the 2005 film Severed: Forest of the Dead, in which the sap from genetically-engineered lumber trees creates zombies.

Kristine Larsen
“Nightmare Horrors and Perils of the Night”: Zombies and Modern Science

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December 25, 2015


December 25, 2015

Santa's Been!!

Santa’s Been!!



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